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When You Partner With U.S. Lawns, You’ll Experience All The Advantages Associated With The Power Of Our National Network

U.S. Lawns locations all across the United States are known for having the highest level of customer loyalty. This has everything to do with the fact that our commitment to maintaining 100% customer retention is at our very foundation. 

Every U.S. Lawns franchise owner strives to be more than just a landscaping contractor; we go out of our way to be a true business friend to every client we serve. What’s more, our dedication to nurturing relationships extends to every supplier, subcontractor and employee, which has enabled us to establish a powerful national network that offers great advantages for everyone involved.   

U.S. Lawns Expert Jeff Dajani Explains

We recently sat down with Jeff Dajani, owner-operator of the U.S. Lawns Ashburn and U.S. Lawns Dulles locations, so he could share his expert insights on the subject. 

Just to give you an idea of Dajani’s expertise, he has been in the commercial landscape management industry since 1986, and joined the U.S. Lawns family in 2000. With nearly four decades of experience (and fourteen years in the industry prior to becoming a U.S. Lawns franchisee), Jeff has witnessed first-hand a multitude of benefits associated with being part of the U.S. Lawns Network which he has been kind enough to expand upon for us.

The Power of The Network Offers Greater Access To Resources

In Dajani’s case, his two U.S. Lawns territories in Northern Virginia border a number of other U.S. Lawns territories, including U.S. Lawns Alexandria, U.S. Lawns Winchester, U.S. Lawns Fredericksburg, U.S. Lawns Arlington, and U.S. Lawns Frederick, to name a few, and he remains in close contact with all of them. 

The beautiful thing about these friendships is that they look out for each other and share all their various resources instead of feeling the need to compete. Jeff spoke of a few different occasions where this mutual support system has come into play:

Shared Team Members, Equipment & Parts

During the last fall cleanup, he found that he needed twice the number of vacuum trucks to get caught up on his leaf removal projects. As it happened, U.S. Lawns Alexandria had already completed their fall cleanup jobs, so the team brought their trucks and spent the next two weeks helping Dajani’s teams finish everything on time. The benefit? Well, in Jeff’s words, “It helped Dan by keeping his guys busy for two weeks; and it helped me to get ahead.” It also contributed to creating a bond between the teams that is unbreakable. 

Another very recent example he shared surrounds a snowstorm that blasted a neighboring territory but missed Dajani’s territories. When one of their salters malfunctioned, the franchise owner was unable to find a replacement part, so he called Jeff, who was able to pull a matching part off one of his machines and assist with getting the salter repaired and back on the job before too much time was lost. 

Now, the fortunate thing is that because these U.S. Lawns franchisees stay in communication and try to make sure they’re utilizing the same equipment models, There was an almost immediate solution at hand, thanks in large part to the Power of the Network.

Shared Projects, Facilities & Suppliers

Dajani went on to tell us how the teams will frequently share large projects (like big mulching jobs) in order to expedite project completion, which clients really appreciate. 

He also has long established and trusted relationships with suppliers, so he gladly introduces fellow franchisees. Additionally he has the facilities to store bulk salt and take delivery of large orders of seasonal flowers, so it is common for Jeff to order by the truck load, which results in cost savings for everyone; and he is always happy to let neighboring locations store their supplies at his place, since not all of them have the space to accommodate.  

Shared Clients

Another way Jeff and neighboring franchise owners work in harmony with each other is by sharing clients. As Dajani said, “People do business with people they know and trust and that’s a biggie with me. I’ve had clients that I’ve had for twenty-four years, they have not changed; I’m 98% customer retention.” And Jeff isn’t the only franchisee with this philosophy, which has led to the discovery that many of the property owners and managers U.S. Lawns serves are responsible for multiple properties throughout the nation. 

So now, as they build a lasting rapport with these clients, they also make it a mission to win bid opportunities for every territory local to the client’s properties. They work together because they understand just how impactful the success of every franchise can be. 

Shared Expertise

This leads to the last element Dajani talked with us about, which is expertise. Because of the specialized skills and knowledge necessary to operate a full-service commercial landscape maintenance business, it only makes sense to share expertise, too. 

For instance, Jeff said he has learned a ton from Chris Seaborne and Tim Harrell, owners of U.S. Lawns Frederick, who’ve been in business for over three decades and are specialists in snow removal and ice management services. They’ve even given Jeff proprietary tracking tools, which he says have made managing over a hundred snow and ice contracts far more efficient. 

Dajani also sings the praises of one of the neighboring franchise sales managers, who is incredibly good at his craft, and never hesitates to spend a day providing guidance, recommendations, and will even demonstrate how to effectively land bid opportunities for anyone who asks for his help. 

The Power Of The Network Is A Win For Everyone

From the perspective of U.S. Lawns employees and franchise owners, this support system keeps everyone sane and successful. As for our customers? The result is consistent quality from a team of professionals they can depend on, cost-effective landscape management services from a to z, and business friends that know what’s most important, even when there are multiple properties in different areas. Simply stated, partnering with U.S. Lawns is a win for everyone. 

So, if you’re ready to experience the Power of the Network, get in touch with your local U.S. Lawns today!

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