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If You’re Going To Need Snow And Ice Services This Winter, Start Planning Now

If you live in a region that experiences snow and ice, now is the time to start preparing with your landscape management partner. Just ask a winter weather expert like Jeremy Vincent, owner of U.S. Lawns territories serving Boise, Idaho along with Provo and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Vincent, a seasoned professional with 25 years in the commercial landscape management industry sat down with us recently and shared some valuable insights that commercial property owners and managers in winter weather regions will find useful.

Understand What It Really Takes To Effectively Manage Snow And Ice

Effectively managing wintry precipitation is an important responsibility which requires specialized materials, tools and equipment, not to mention a strong measure of physical effort combined with the right sense of urgency. For someone like Jeremy, it’s become second nature, so it doesn’t seem like there’s much that goes into it, but upon further examination, even he admits, “We do have a big shift in service lines coming the end of November, going into December, in switching equipment and everything over, but as far as planning and all of that, we’ve done it for so long, it’s more of a transition in services than anything.”

It’s also a 24/7 proposition all season long. Vincent’s teams move a lot of snow and treat a lot of surfaces for a variety of customers, so he’s got to make sure he’s got the supplies, vehicles and attachments to fulfill his promises. In Idaho, there are also frequent ice events to deal with, which takes an altogether different approach that includes the application of liquid deicer – a task which demands even more specialized knowledge and equipment.

So, even though it appears to be a seamless transition going from the “green” landscape management services of spring and summer and fall directly into the winter season, Jeremy still recognizes the additional expertise necessary. This is why he keeps his key employees working year-round, explaining, “Usually around Thanksgiving time I convert a couple of trucks in case I get an early snowfall. There is also additional training that goes on. In the beginning of December every year, we take a day or two and do snow training for all my employees that are going to stick with us for the wintertime and work in the snow services.”

Know Your Market

In addition to having the materials, equipment and properly trained crew available to tackle whatever the winter brings, it’s wise to have a good idea of what’s likely to be coming down the pike. As Vincent so eloquently states, “You’ve got to know your local area really well, and make sure your bases are covered. You’ve got some places along the great lakes that are completely different from areas a hundred miles to the south. Even though the weather patterns may be the same, they’re still going to get a ton more snow because of the lake effect snow.” With variables like this, it’s critical to know your market so you can budget for winter services accordingly.

Choose A True “All-Season” Landscape Management Partner

A final recommendation from Jeremy is to find an established commercial landscape management partner like U.S. Lawns who can deliver all the landscape maintenance services you need for every season. And remember to contract your winter weather services early on, so business can continue without interruption when the snow starts accumulating.

Contact your local U.S. Lawns today and learn more about our all-season landscaping services. Because your turf is our lawn, even in the wintertime.

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