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Your landscape is the first thing your customers see when they are approaching your commercial property. Turf, flowers, shrubs, and trees all work together creating that first impression of you and your business so it’s vital to keep your commercial lawn and landscape looking crisp, clean, safe, and inviting. Your grounds are an investment, and a proper maintenance plan will keep your landscape healthy and strong.

Here are some important things that your landscape needs in order to always look its best.


Proper irrigation is key to keeping your grass areas green, your plants happy, your flowers blooming and your trees healthy. Smart irrigation systems are programmable and can have rain sensors or even soil moisture sensors that can detect moisture in the soil left over from a recent rain. Both sensors will monitor the moisture and keep your irrigation system from turning on until more moisture is necessary. Not only is this healthy for the grass and plants but it is also water efficient, saving money in the long run.


Mulch comes in a wide variety of types and colors, from pine straw to stone to bark and wood chips. The visual benefits are obvious, as they define plant beds and create a striking color contrast to the adjacent grass or pathway. But beauty is only one of the many benefits! Mulch reduces water loss by slowing evaporation and allowing more time for the plants to absorb moisture. It also helps with weed management, protects plants from extreme hot or cold, and even improves the soil.

Plant Health Services

A proper fertilizer, pest control, and weed and disease management program can help prevent problems and keep your commercial lawn and landscape healthy through the seasons. Invasive weeds, underground pestsm and nutritional deficiencies can rob your turf of its healthy appearance, as can seasonal pests and weeds, which vary from region to region. Taking care to prevent and manage the health of your plants makes a major difference with the appearance of your landscape.

Hire a Professional

The landscape professionals at U.S. Lawns have decades of experience working with commercial property owners and managers, so we know about the landscaping needs and budgets for all commercial properties, including HOAs, multi-family properties, retail, office, and healthcare campuses, as well as hospitality, industrial, and municipal complexes.

You can depend on us to keep your commercial lawn and landscape healthy, beautiful, and thriving. Our local owners and crews are nationally trained by our experienced network to care for your property. More importantly, our motto is, “Your turf, our lawn,” so we truly treat your landscape with as much care and precision as if it were our own.

To keep your property beautiful and healthy, contact us today to get started.

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