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Everyone loves a stunning landscape, and it can be a major draw to prospective tenants. Whether you’re running a retail, residential, or industrial property, commercial spaces benefit from having a well-maintained landscape. U.S. Lawns’ commercial landscaping maintenance can help you attract and retain customers by providing them with an inviting outdoor space. 

Attract Positive Attention

Attractive grounds draw positive attention from tenants, residents, and passers-by alike. Residential tenants love an aesthetically pleasing landscape because it’s an enjoyable outdoor space that they can spend time in and catch a scenic view of from their windows. People want to live in a place they can be proud of, and a great landscape creates a welcoming atmosphere while showing the community that the property is well cared for.

Along these lines, commercial clients love that they can employ their landscape to compel people to patronize their business. An inviting outdoor space can easily become a community fixture – what better way to attract more foot traffic to your landscape than by enhancing it with commercial landscaping services? Your local U.S. Lawns landscape management professionals are specialists in creating and maintaining attractive landscapes while working within our clients’ budgets. In particular, useful hardscapes and seasonal colors can be a powerful draw to prospective customers and just happen to be among our areas of expertise. 

Maximize Seasonal Beauty

U.S. Lawns achieves excellent results for our clients by planning their commercial landscaping maintenance services and enhancements years into the future. This helps clients to better manage their budget and brings a number of tangible benefits for your landscape. By planning ahead with a commercial landscaping company, we can make the most of your investment by purchasing and installing seasonal plants at just the right time, ensuring you’ll be able to enjoy them as long as possible. We also plan ahead to incorporate ornamental trees that will live for years, strategically pruning them to look good and enhance their health. Finally, many property managers recognize the value of seasonal flowers, which add vibrancy to commercial properties in the spring and summer. That being said, many popular varieties sell out quickly, leaving managers with limited choices. U.S. Lawns works hard to get on waiting lists early so that our clients have access to the seasonal flowers they want – all the more reason to get on U.S. Lawns’ schedule early.

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