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Every season changes the landscape, and in order to keep yours looking well-kept and maintained, you need a commercial lawn care company whose services cover a wide array of needs and has a reputation for getting jobs done well. Here at U.S. Lawns, we have been bringing our services to commercial customers for 30 years through franchises across the United States. Here are the landscape services we provide through every season and why we are the only commercial lawn care company you need.

Landscaping Services at U.S. Lawns


Fall is the time when the leaves change, the weather cools, and the holidays quickly approach. Because of the changing weather and festivities approaching, it is important to have commercial lawn care that can maintain the mess falling leaves bring. We offer leaf cleanup and can help you keep lawns green despite the cooling weather.

Although fall and winter are in sight, now is the best time to plan your budget for spring. Planning ahead of time for spring can save you a lot of time and money. By developing a budget that incorporates both maintenance and enhancement services, you will have a more calculated approach to your lawn and landscape needs and how much you want to spend in spring and summer. Maintenance services include things like mowing, edging, trimming, blowing, and spraying weeds; whereas, enhancements include trimming, mulching, and seasonal color rotations.

If you decide to utilize these services through U.S. Lawns, a crew member from the nearest location will come and walk around the property to inspect what should be incorporated into your budget next year. They will also check to see if there are any ornamental trees or shrubs that are at the end of their lifecycle.

There are countless services you can utilize for your landscape in the fall. Whether it is keeping your grass green and plants lush with fall fertilization or preparing for colder weather by winterizing your irrigation systems, we’ve got you covered.


Many of our fall services also extend into winter as well. Our fall cleanup can go into the winter months and includes things like removing dead wood and shaping ornamental trees. In the colder regions of the United States, winter also requires our snow and ice management services to help keep driveways and walkways clear. We also offer pruning during the winter time to help your ornamental trees grow and thrive even in the colder months. We want to help your landscape stay intact throughout the seasons, both with maintenance and with enhancements. We can enhance your landscape with a color scheme for flowers that can best represent the brand, season, event, or holiday that may be going on.


By the time spring rolls around, you should already have a budget in place for the new year. However, the previous winter may have created some new landscape maintenance needs. Several commercial lawn care companies facilitate reactive communication, which means they go out and fix problems when they arise. Here at U.S. Lawns, we do things differently. We promote two-way customer communication that is proactive. This way we can address potential problems before they become serious. We will review your budget with you in the spring as well to make any adjustments.

Springtime is all about getting your property cleaned up and neat for the warmer, wetter weather approaching. We can help through our spring cleanup services to get rid of any damage winter may have left behind, and we also can help get flowers potted and ready for the nicer weather ahead.


Summer is a great time to show off what your properties’ exteriors have to offer. This means consistent mowing to keep grass uniform, hardscape maintenance around gathering areas of your community like spraying weeds, maintaining irrigation systems to keep up with the hot weather and keep your lawns and landscapes watered and healthy, and summer fertilization. We offer all of these services for the summer through a single vendor as opposed to using multiple different commercial lawn care companies. Our network of over 250 locations means you won’t need several companies to service your portfolio.

Are you trying to prepare for your winter landscape? Find out how U.S. Lawns can help with this free, downloadable eBook.

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