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Lawn care aeration and dethatching are important services, although they’re not needed frequently for every type of grass. In fact, there’s a lot of misunderstanding about when to receive these services and how they can improve commercial lawns. Here, we’ll look at a few common myths and set the record straight.

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Myth #1: Aeration & Lawn Dethatching Services are Always Performed Separately

While aeration and lawn dethatching services are distinct, they can be performed at the same time. Aeration is the process of removing soil plugs from compacted soil, so that oxygen, water and nutrients can reach grass roots much easier. Dethatching is the process of removing dead thatch (a layer of dead grass, leaves, and other organic material) so that lawns can thrive.

Lawn care aeration and dethatching processes can be performed at the same time because aeration actually loosens up thatch, making it a great first step toward dethatching. Along these lines, overseeding after these processes can also yield great results, so commercial property managers may opt to take care of all three services together.

Myth #2: Aeration & Dethatching Should Be Done Every Year

Your grass areas may not need these services every year, so they can be performed as needed, depending on how compacted your soil is and the overall health of the turf. It can take an expert to determine when your commercial lawn is in need of these services, which is a great benefit of partnering with U.S. Lawns.

We’ll regularly visit your property to perform routine maintenance on your landscape, and can tell early on when your lawn is in need of dethatching or aeration services. Our crews are experts in environmental conditions across the country and will get the job done at the optimal time to achieve best results. 

Myth #3: It’s Safe to Hire Amateurs to Aerate & Dethatch

Nothing could be further from the truth! Some property managers hire a local team to come in and provide these services as needed. They may even entrust the task to amateurs to try to save money. This could be a serious mistake: you’ll want to partner with an experienced team that knows your lawn well, because many things can go wrong when these tasks aren’t handled properly. 

For instance, dethatching at the wrong time can damage soil and even disturb new growth. Similarly, aerating at the wrong time can expose dry lawns to even more heat, exacerbating existing problems. You’ll want to partner with U.S. Lawns because our crews understand that some thatch in lawn areas is actually a good thing.

It introduces organic material into the soil, and also helps keep the root zone cooler during the summer months by insulating the soil line. We provide the right service at the right time, and we would not remove thatch while it’s still benefitting your landscape.

You can trust the experts at U.S. Lawns to identify the need for these services on your commercial property and to undertake them safely so your lawn looks healthier than ever.

Curious about aeration and lawn dethatching services for your commercial property? Contact U.S. Lawns today!

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