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Our commercial lawn care services are renowned across the country. But what really sets U.S. Lawns apart is the fact that we offer a  full range of commercial grounds care services, and we’re particular experts when it comes to ornamental trees and shrubs, elements that can elevate your landscape above others in your community. Here, we’ll show you how these plants (and our careful attention to detail) can enhance your landscape

Multi-Level Beauty

Our philosophy is that landscapes should look great below eye level (grass and flowers), at eye level (shrubs and bushes), and above eye level (ornamental trees). Taking this approach can ensure your grounds have a multi-dimensional quality that makes your property a joy to visit, especially when every element is properly cared for. Our teams have years of experience with shrubs and ornamental trees, and our commercial lawn care services include pruning these plants properly. We take aesthetics and their unique care requirements into account.

Flowering Varieties Create Seasonal Appeal

Lots of ornamental trees and shrubs change their appearance throughout the seasons. For instance, flowering varieties like cherry blossoms and hydrangeas can help your property stand out from winter to summer. We know just how to trim and care for plants like these to help your customers, guests and employees enjoy their blossoms for as long as possible. We’ll strategically prune ornamental trees so that growth energy is directed into the strongest limbs, leading to more beautiful foliage and flowers. This has the added benefit of reducing the likelihood of broken limbs during storms.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

Beautiful trees and shrubs invite passersby to come and take a look – a great way to attract new visitors to your property. They contribute to beautiful naturescapes that go beyond a well-maintained lawn. We believe our commercial lawn care services cultivate great curb appeal and have the potential to generate new business for our customers. Plants like these can make the difference.

We Have the Expertise to Give Them the Right Care

Not only can we help our customers find and plant the varieties they want, we can help them get the most out of these plants over the years as part of our regular commercial lawn care services. We know just when and how to prune them, to get the most beautiful and healthy results. If your trees or shrubs aren’t thriving, you can count on our teams to make note of the signs early on. Furthermore, if you haven’t yet selected any shrubs or ornamental trees, we’ll work with you to make sure you choose the right varieties for your area. Once they’re planted, we’ll take local weather conditions into account to ensure they get enough water, sunshine, and attention. 

Contact U.S. Lawns today to learn more about how we bundle ornamental tree and shrub care into our commercial lawn care services. 

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