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If your landscape hasn’t been updated in a while, it might not be very effective at catching the attention of prospective clients. Having a beautiful landscape is a great way to draw more visitors (and potential customers) to your property. Whether you’re looking to improve the landscape you have now or upgrade it with new features, U.S. Lawns’ commercial landscapers can help.

Multi-Level Beauty

U.S. Lawns’ commercial landscapers can beautify your landscape at multiple levels. Having an attractive lawn, neatly manicured shrubbery, and colorful ornamental trees adds depth and dimension to any landscape. Whether you have all of these in place now or need to start from scratch, U.S. Lawns can beautify your commercial property from the ground up. In some cases, we can help you to get competitive prices on the plants you want, and in other cases we can secure your place on the waiting list to ensure you have access to popular items. 

For many commercial properties, ornamental trees are the crowning glory of the multi-level landscape. Vibrant fall foliage and colorful flowers in spring make wonderful additions to any commercial property. Our experienced commercial landscapers are especially qualified to help you care for these beautiful plants, helping to keep them healthy and ensuring that they’ll enhance your property for as long as possible.

Eco-Friendly Materials

U.S. Lawns uses eco-friendly and eye-catching materials like rock gardens, bark, and paver pathways to add to a landscapes’ natural beauty. These elements not only serve valuable purposes like managing pests, they’re lovely complements to just about every landscape. We’ve even installed water features for some of our customers, transforming their dull landscapes into charming and tranquil gardens. Whatever your aspirations for your landscape, our wide-ranging expertise and network of commercial landscapers can likely help you achieve them.

Seasonal Color and Flower Beds

There’s no question that bright annuals are among the most vibrant elements of any landscape. Some property managers struggle to find just the right annuals for their property – different care requirements and limited supplies of some popular flowers make them difficult to effectively integrate into every commercial landscape. U.S. Lawns’ vast supplier network, combined with our knowledge of your local climate and atmosphere, allows us to help you identify just the right flowers for your property. Best of all, we’ll help you plant them at just the right time and provide them with the proper maintenance to ensure your visitors can enjoy them for as long as possible. We might even be able to help you develop a color scheme that incorporates your business’ colors! We think you’ll find that, just like honeybees, prospective customers will be drawn to your commercial property by a beautiful display of flowers.

These are just a few of the ways our commercial landscapers can incorporate popular and beautiful elements into your property. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business.


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