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Keeping your lawn irrigation system in peak working order can be extremely beneficial for your properties’ landscapes and conservation efforts. As a property manager, you know how hard it can be to make sure your lawn is getting proper irrigation, and you also understand the importance of operating with sustainability as a priority. This is where U.S. Lawns can help. We offer irrigation maintenance services to help you maintain and update your lawn irrigation systems so they’re performing at their best – limiting water consumption and saving money. Here are some important things to consider about your irrigation system, and how we can improve it and keep it functioning at its best.

Why Proper Irrigation is Important

Irrigation keeps all your properties’ lawns even and green throughout the seasons, and it keeps the grass healthy at the roots. Proper irrigation ensures that your lawns don’t get too much water during the wet months of spring, and that they’re receiving enough water during the dry months of summer. In addition, U.S. Lawns landscapers can install rain sensors that will prevent the sprinklers from operating when it rains, and we can replace old sprinkler heads, making a noticeable improvement in efficiency. This will protect your turf from being overwatered while conserving water, which is kinder to your budget as well as the environment.

Updating and Maintaining Irrigation

Our franchise locations offer services to repair, replace, and maintain lawn irrigation systems. We work to get the most out of your irrigation system, so we’ll maintain and replace pieces that may be faulty or overdue for repair. We also make sure that pipes are clear and that there are no blockages or breaks. Another key component to maintaining your properties’ lawn irrigation systems is to check water pressure. If the water pressure is too low, it could result in your lawns not getting proper irrigation.

It’s also important to make sure that sprinkler heads are properly placed. We want to be sure every area is getting the right amount of hydration, so we go through your sprinkler system and ensure strategic placement. We also adjust the controls based on seasonal plant needs so that each element of your lawn and landscape get the right amount of water, depending on the season and conditions.

Being Licensed for Irrigation

Some states require that you need to be licensed to do irrigation. What is required to get a license varies from state to state, but U.S. Lawns can help you with your irrigation needs. If you’re worried that your state may require a license for irrigation, contact your nearest U.S. Lawns for more information.

Getting Your Irrigation Ready for the Winter

If you manage properties in northern states, you’ll need to get your lawn irrigation systems ready for winter. Cold weather, snow, and ice can do a lot of damage to an irrigation system that has water in it. This is why U.S. Lawns offers winterization services for irrigation systems. This will drain the water from the pipes to keep them from freezing. This service is imperative to saving you money both on your utility bills and in excavation and replacement costs if a pipe bursts or an irrigation system needs to be replaced.

If you need services for your properties’ lawn irrigation systems, learn more about the services we can offer for multi-property managers.

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