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Planning your commercial landscaping budget is better done sooner rather than later. A lot goes into maintaining your landscape, so you want to make sure you’re prepared for everything the seasons have in store. We work directly with our clients to create customized proposals for their commercial properties, adding or removing services to create the right plan for the right budget. Here are some services to incorporate into your plan to prepare for different weather in different seasons.

Springing into Warmer Weather

The spring is a time to look forward to warmer weather, budding leaves, and rain, depending on the region. This means you need to make sure that your landscape has commercial lawn care services secured to keep your grass trimmed and even. In addition, your property may need our spring cleanup service to get rid of any dead plants or debris left over from winter. Spring is also the time to put fresh mulch in flower beds and do some planting to bring a splash of color to complement the structures on your property.

Commercial Landscaping Needs in the Summer

After the spring, summer brings sun and dry heat to many areas of the country. This means you need to incorporate irrigation for your lawn to make sure it gets the right amount of water every day. With this weather, you may also need to include ornamental tree care to keep your trees alive and healthy, weed management for healthier plant and flower beds and turf, and hardscape maintenance to keep your property looking good all summer long.

Spring Forward in the Fall to Plan for the Upcoming Year

There’s a lot of commercial landscaping maintenance needs in the fall. From the leaves falling to the holidays approaching, you can incorporate a lot of services into your plan. During this time, we offer fall cleanup to manage all the leaves on your property and keep them off of your landscape. We also prune ornamental trees to remove any dead or falling branches and keep them healthy. Fall is also the time of year for aeration and overseeding. Your grounds can become hard or overgrown when the weather gets colder. This means that in order to plant grass, we need to implement aeration and overseeding to make sure that grass grows evenly.

Once fall rolls around, it is actually time to start thinking about what you need for next year. If you pay for your year-round commercial landscaping in January, it’s best to begin thinking about your landscaping needs in the fall when you can assess what you need for the following year.

Planning for Winter

Depending on where you are in the country, you may need to do a lot of planning for cold and unpredictable weather in the winter. Northern states need to make sure they have a plan for snow and ice management because you never know what surprises winter may have in store. In addition to snow and ice management, you should also consider winterizing your irrigation system to make sure it doesn’t freeze.

Property owners and managers in southern states don’t necessarily need these services, but they still have a lot of commercial landscaping needs to keep their lawns and landscapes looking great. For example, a lot of ornamental trees need to be pruned throughout the fall and winter, and irrigation and hardscape maintenance can be essential services as well.

We can help you keep your commercial property looking its best through every season. We will sit with you and help you create a plan that incorporates the commercial landscaping services you need for a budget you can afford.

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