It’s Not Too Early to Think Spring! 4 Commercial Landscape Maintenance Strategies to Prepare Your Landscape for the Season

Planning ahead defines our commercial landscape maintenance services at U.S. Lawns. Although there might still be snow on the ground in your area, it’s not too early to start planning for the upcoming warmer seasons. Here, we’ll give you a sneak peek at a few of the ways our careful planning helps customers prepare for spring. 

1. Prepping Your Irrigation System

Believe it or not, winterizing your irrigation system properly during the fall is the first step toward preparing for spring. This is a necessary step for any commercial property that wants to enjoy a lush lawn and bright flowers after the thaw. Lots of damage can occur to irrigation systems that aren’t properly prepped for winter, including burst pipes, which will make your system unusable during the warmer months that follow.

When you partner with U.S. Lawns for all your commercial landscape maintenance needs, prepping your irrigation system for winter and spring is totally hassle-free. We know just when to set it back up for spring, and can even assess its performance to ensure that it’s working right. Best of all, we’ll let you know if an upgrade could improve your landscape or save you money. If you decide to upgrade, we can manage that entire process also. 

2. Deciding on the Flowers You’ll Want

Take some time to decide on the annuals you’ll want before winter ends. Are there certain varieties that are especially popular in your region? Do you want to plant annuals that highlight your company’s colors? Maybe you’re looking for a certain variety that will work within your budget. Deciding early can help ensure you get the flowers you want before they’re out of stock.

Also, give some thought to where you’d like to plant them – our commercial landscape maintenance teams can make sure the soil is in optimal condition so we’ll be ready to plant as soon as the time is right.

3. Get Your Lawn into Shape for Snow

In many regions, snow blankets commercial lawns for all or part of the winter. Our commercial landscape maintenance teams will make sure your lawn is in good shape for the freeze by trimming it to the right height and clearing it of debris. Measures like these can ensure your lawn bounces back faster after the thaw!

4. Take Care of Your Hardscapes Throughout the Winter

Nothing is worse than having springtime arrive only to find that improper de-icing methods or misguided snow plow crews have damaged your walkways and other hardscapes. Another benefit of partnering with U.S. Lawns is that we work with our clients year-round, not just seasonally. We get to know their properties well, ensuring that they don’t need to worry about damage to their properties due to neglect. With our help, you can rest assured that your hardscapes will look beautiful and function properly when spring arrives.

Want to learn more about the ways our commercial landscape maintenance teams can help you prepare for spring? Contact us today!

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