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Once the snow and ice season is over, you’ll be ready for some serious spring cleanup landscaping to get your property back into shape. U.S. Lawns helps commercial properties across the country to spring back quickly into beautiful, lush landscapes. 

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Weeding & Mowing

In some areas, winter weeds are waiting beneath the snow for just the right time to pop back up. Our teams will mitigate weeds and put a plan in place to prevent them from coming back. Pre-emergent weed control application is best to control weeds.

Our teams of professionals will develop a perfect plan to keep your grounds and turf looking great all year. Keeping the grass at a uniform height is good for your lawn’s health. Mowing turf at a higher level provides a bit of shade to help stop weed seeds from germinating and creates cooler soil temps to retain more moisture.

Fertilizing and Other Services that Prepare Commercial Landscapes for Spring

Early spring is an ideal time to fertilize your lawn when the grass needs a substantial nutritional boost. The timing of applications is crucial to ensuring proper controls for weeds and crabgrass. We’ll also assess your lawn to see if it could benefit from complementary services, like aeration and overseeding, at the same time.

Throughout the year, we’ll monitor the health of your lawn to ensure that the fertilizer is working effectively.

Getting Your Irrigation System Back Up and Running

U.S. Lawns is your complete resource for irrigation system care. We can carry out an inspection to provide recommendations that will ensure your system is running efficiently. We’ll confirm it’s working effectively throughout the year and give it the proper care during the winter months. If your current setup isn’t watering your landscape as well as it could, we can provide repairs and can even upgrade your existing system to a smart system – this might even save you money in the long run! 

Getting your irrigation system back into efficient working order is one of the most essential spring cleanup landscaping jobs we do.

Spring Flowers

Planning for seasonal flowers well in advance provides U.S. Lawns time to work on your behalf with our nurseries and suppliers across the country to ensure you receive the colors that work best to enhance your property with the most vibrant spring flowers. Not only can we help you get the flowers you want, we know just how to care for them: planting them at just the right time to help you enjoy their maximum life cycle, and providing them with the right soil and water to keep them healthy and looking great.

Helpful Tip On Flowerbeds: one big bed has a better effect than several small beds, allowing you to get the most impact for your property.

We can provide ideas for additional seasonal color throughout your property, such as perennials, hanging baskets, and planters to highlight entrances, pool areas, or patios.

These are just a few spring cleanup landscaping tips from our experts. We’d love to schedule a visit to your property to give you more tailored insights – contact us today!

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