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Our philosophy on commercial landscaping and lawn care is that it’s never too early to start planning for next season. U.S. Lawns helps customers plan years in advance to meet their landscaping goals and budgets, and ensure they’re never caught by surprise when the weather begins to change. Here, find more information on what we help our customers do to prepare for fall weather. 

Plan for Mulching

Great commercial landscaping and lawn care starts with healthy soil. Mulching helps soil retain moisture and improves soil fertility. Mulching in the fall also helps to insulate soil and plant roots from cold temperatures. U.S. Lawns starts planning early, identifying areas of your landscape that could use fall mulch and ensuring that you’ll receive these services at just the right time. 

Remove or Replace Annuals

Annuals that bloom in spring and summer (like snapdragons, pansies, and petunias) will start to fade in the autumn. It’s important to keep track of your annuals’ life cycles so that you’re ready to remove or replace them (if necessary) at the end of the season. If you partnered with U.S. Lawns at the beginning of the summer, you can rest assured that you’ve been able to enjoy your annuals for as long as possible, getting you the greatest return on your investment in these flowers. 

Adjust Commercial Landscaping and Lawn Care Strategies for Cold Temperatures

Changing temperatures often means changing your lawn care strategies, especially as we move from warm to cool seasons. For some lawns, this will be as simple as keeping it neatly mowed and raked. For other lawns, the end of summer is the time to reseed so that new grass can take root before freezing temperatures arrive. Along these lines, some lawns will need to be fertilized in the fall.  

U.S. Lawns will assess your lawn throughout the summer so that you can be prepared for any special maintenance it might require in the fall. Keeping your lawn watered and healthy throughout the summer is one of the best ways to prepare it for colder fall weather. 

Specialized Flower Care

Some plants (like roses, perennials, and ornamental grasses) need to be carefully tended to in the warmer months so they can survive the fall and winter. U.S. Lawns prunes and tends to these flowers and plantings now so that your landscape will benefit from their beauty next spring. We have decades of experience working with every type of flower, ornamental tree, and grass you can imagine, so we’re well-qualified to give your plants the specialized care they need. 

Ready to learn more about the commercial landscaping and lawn care you’ll need to prepare for the coming fall? Contact us today for the details!

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