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In late spring and hot months of summer, it may be hard to think about preparing for next winter, but it is never too early to start planning. If you own a property in a northern or midwestern state, you need to invest in snow and ice management sooner rather than later so that you’re covered, whether it’s a mild winter or a severe one. Here are some reasons why you should call your commercial landscape maintenance provider to prepare your properties.

You Never Know What Winter Has in Store

The regions that experience winter weather love to leave you guessing when it comes to the severity of that winter weather. It can be 50 degrees one day, hailing the next and sleeting and snowing the day after that. Without snow and ice management services in place and ready to go by the time the weather gets colder, you could find that your properties may be out of luck. Property managers secure their snow and ice management providers as early as July, which means their grounds care professionals can get booked up fast. Without planning or communicating with a commercial landscape maintenance provider, you could be left with a person plowing who doesn’t know the specifics of your properties or use the care you need when it comes to snow and ice. It could also end up costing you more.

Keep Your Tenants & Customers Happy

Your tenants & customers want to be assured that they can move freely when there’s a snowstorm. When you plan for snow and ice management and sign a seasonal or year-round contract, you know that a professional will be at your location ready to plow as soon as it is reasonable to do so. This means your tenants and customers will be able to leave their home or run errands if they need to. No one wants winter weather preventing them from getting to their home or businesses, so making sure you have snow and ice management early is key.

Peace of Mind

When you plan ahead for snow and ice management, you don’t have to worry about it later. You could also end up saving a lot of money, because you won’t have to pay for last minute services. U.S. Lawns offers a couple different options for you to create a snow and ice management plan. First, you can sign a seasonal contract with us that ensures you will be covered for the season. Experienced property managers typically start signing these as early as July because they are usually administered on a first come, first serve basis.

The most effective approach we have found for snow and ice management is to combine it with your other commercial landscaping services. We offer year-round contracts that we tailor to each client for their individual properties. By creating a plan and budget that has everything your property needs for commercial landscape maintenance, you could save time and money because your snow and ice management is already in place.

Learn more about how you can prepare your property for winter with commercial landscape maintenance services by downloading this free eBook.

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