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Minimize Headaches And Get The Most Out Of Your Budget With A Full-Service Landscape Management Partner Like U.S. Lawns

If you’re tasked with taking care of your landscape in addition to all the other duties associated with managing a commercial property, you could minimize a lot of headaches and get the most out of your landscaping budget by partnering with a team of full-service landscape management professionals like your locally owned and operated U.S. Lawns. 

In fact, while we were recently visiting with Mike Lapham of U.S. Lawns Gaithersburg, Maryland, he made a simple, yet thought-provoking statement, “I don’t know what I don’t know.” This is particularly meaningful when it comes to managing the landscapes of commercial properties where there is a ton of work (and knowledge) involved, and here is just the short list:

  • The grass needs to remain neatly mowed, trimmed, aerated and healthy.
  • Flowers and ornamental plantings must be tended and refreshed along with the changing seasons.
  • Bushes and trees require regular trimming and pruning.
  • There is mulching, fertilization and weed control to stay on top of.
  • The irrigation system has to operate at peak performance, which includes routine inspections, adjustments, repairs, updates, and it’s critical that winter shutdown and spring startup services are performed properly.
  • Paved areas and hardscapes must be well maintained and in good repair.
  • Parking lots, driveways, roads, walkways and exterior steps have to remain clear of snow and ice if you happen to be located in a region where the winter weather creates hazardous conditions.

There Are Many Advantages To Having A Single Point Of Contact

Now, in addition to all the tools and labor needed, there are a lot of skills, expertise and even special certifications required to keep any landscape flourishing. So with this in mind, we think it’s a good time to highlight the advantages of having a single point of contact to handle every aspect of your commercial grounds care. 

Access To All The Specialists You’ll Ever Need In One Place

According to Lapham, although his team’s impeccable work keeps his customers happy, one of the biggest reasons for his almost perfect client retention rate (the only customers he’s lost have been those who’ve gone out of business or been acquired by a project management company with an in-house landscaping team) is that regardless of what kind of service they need, if it has anything to do with their landscape, they only have to give him a call and he’ll make sure it is handled, even if it’s out of his field of specialization, because in his words, “This goes back to knowing. I know what I know, and what I don’t know, I don’t know. Fortunately, I have a good lineup of subcontractors; people who are smarter than I am in aspects of the business that I don’t know quite well enough.” And he won’t hesitate to call, set up the job and oversee it while you continue to focus on everything else on your plate. 

The Comfort Of Knowing Your Landscaping Team Has Your Back 24/7

What’s more, Mike wants everyone to know that he’s got your back 24/7. Whether it’s a tree branch through the window of an apartment balcony or a broken water main, Lapham and his team will be there to do what they can to assist until they can get the specialists on site to correct the situation. He even talked about an occasion where a water pipe burst and was on the verge of flooding the apartments on the ground floor of an apartment building, he and his team provide landscape maintenance services for. The customer called Mike in a panic and even though he had to retain specialists to do the actual repair, he and his crew still arrived on site as quickly as they could get there with sandbags in hand and got to work protecting peoples’ homes. This is just one example of U.S. Lawns’ commitment to service.

The Power Of The Nationwide Network

Another benefit of partnering with U.S. Lawns is that because we have a network of locally owned franchises as well as well-respected suppliers and vendors across the United States. This translates to multiple advantages, which include:

  • Buying Power – because the U.S. Lawns Home Office and all our franchise owners foster relationships with major suppliers and vendor-partners throughout the nation, we are also able to broker discounts we can pass directly on to our customers. This is good news for your landscaping budget not to mention that it also offers a wider range of products and supplies to choose from. 
  • Responsiveness & Expertise – Mike explained this best with, “We are a franchise, and that’s one of the benefits of dealing with me and U.S. Lawns. When you pick up the phone, you’re going to get me, you’re not going to get ‘for grass, press 1, for irrigation, press 2’ you’re going to get me, and I’m going to help solve your problem. But you’re not only getting me, if I don’t have the solution, I know who to call to find the solution. So I’ve got all these experts with all these years of experience that can help me, help you solve the problem.” Having instant access to the man at the top without jumping through hoops makes a world of difference. 
  • Support – in addition to being connected to all variety of experts, U.S. Lawns franchisees are like one big family. We all look out for one another; we share knowledge freely and have even been known to share resources and projects when the need arises. What this means for our customers is that they’re being served at the highest level without disruption, no matter what challenges any one franchise may be facing. 
  • Consistency – since every U.S. Lawns location operates with the same values and standards, you can depend on all our crews to be trained professionals who’ll treat your landscape with the same, consistent care from location to location. This also means you can expect your grounds to look equally beautiful even if you’re managing multiple properties in different regions. 

Knowing that you can have a landscape management partner that has you covered with every kind of solution you need will give you the freedom to focus on the rest of your job with confidence. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with U.S. Lawns today and start reaping all the rewards offered by a true business friend.

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