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Although this is the time of year that we’re over feeling the winter chill and ready for the arrival of springtime, the fortunate truth is that it won’t be long at all until we start seeing new buds on trees and shrubberies, and the bright colors of early blooming crocus, pansy and other varieties of flowers popping up.

Right now is also the time of year when you’ll want to make sure you’re on your landscaping partner’s schedule for spring clean up services, because there is a lot of work that needs to be done to prepare your landscape for the growing season.


Whether you’re the property owner or manager of an office or business park, apartment community, assisted living environment, hotel, retail mall, or even a municipal property, industrial park, or manufacturing facility, spring clean-up is an essential landscape maintenance service–especially since one of your primary goals is to be a safe and desirable destination for occupants, employees, customers and visitors alike.

We all know curb appeal is everything. But there are even deeper reasons to perform spring clean-up services. The health of your turf, bushes, and other plantings depends on it, and good health starts at the very roots.

In fact, a good spring cleaning of your landscape is important enough that U.S. Lawns landscape management professionals have a checklist of spring clean-up services we perform.


Landscape Clean-Up Services We Offer


Debris Removal

A deep clean-up starts with removing twigs, leaves, and other debris left from the winter winds. Not only is this vital for appearances’ sake, but it also prevents suffocation of your grass and plants while eliminating environments that can foster unwanted pests, fungus and disease.


By using a bladed trimmer to define the edge or create a trench around flower beds, trees, and walkways, we create a distinct border, which is valuable for multiple reasons:

  • It is easier to mow the turf without getting into mulch or damaging plantings.
  • It prevents weeds and grass roots from encroaching on flowers and other tender plants.
  • It contributes to making your property look well-manicured and tidy.

Turf Treatments

Spring is one of the seasons when fertilizers and herbicides are applied, providing vital nutrients to the soil and addressing weeds before they can get the opportunity to take hold.

Landscape Enhancements

If you’re planning to make any landscape improvements, springtime is prime for planting seasonal color, adding fresh mulch, and even incorporating some natural hardscape features to beautify your property–making it a draw to occupants and customers, while increasing property values.

Trimming & Pruning

The timing here is critical because early spring is when many varieties of perennial plants, ornamental trees, and shrubs should be trimmed and pruned. Since this is a service that requires specialized knowledge, you definitely want to make sure it’s part of the spring clean-up plan to ensure your landscape maintenance team has you on their schedule.

Irrigation System Spring Startup

As the flora awakens from the winter, it’s time to get your irrigation system started and operating properly, so spring startup services are a must. This includes a complete system checkup, making any adjustments or repairs necessary, and setting up a watering schedule that will keep your softscape lush and healthy for the year ahead.

If you need a responsive landscaping partner with the discipline, tools, and expertise to perform comprehensive spring clean-up services along with everything else your grounds need to thrive throughout the summer, autumn, and winter too, contact your locally owned and operated U.S. Lawns today. We’ll treat your property with the same care we show our own.

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