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Now is the time for U.S. Lawns to start preparing your commercial landscape for the season ahead.

After this long winter, springtime is finally in sight and we’re all looking forward to seeing the trees start budding, early blooms of colorful flowers, and greener grass. We’re doubly excited about spring being so close because it’s time for your local U.S. Lawns professionals to start preparing your commercial landscape for the upcoming season–getting outside, enjoying the weather, and doing what we do best.

Spring preparation is vital to your landscape

There are a number of important reasons spring preparation should be part of your commercial landscape maintenance plan:

  • In snow & ice areas, it’s to identify and address any potential hazards like pavement breaks or tree branches weakened by the snow and ice.
  • To eliminate debris and ensure your landscape is properly contributing to your brand’s image.
  • To optimize the health of your soil, turf, plantings, ornamental trees and flower beds.
  • To keep your irrigation system operating at peak performance.
  • To make sure you’re getting the most out of your commercial landscaping investment and your budget.

Important elements of spring landscape preparation

Although there are some steps you, as a commercial property manager or owner can take to prepare your grounds for spring, if you have a landscape management partner like U.S. Lawns, all you’ll need to do is make sure we’re on your schedule.

Identify Problem Areas And Enhancement Opportunities: We’ll start by walking the grounds with you so we can spot any problem areas created by the winter weather. We’ll also make recommendations on how to add enhancements that will improve and revitalize your landscape to create the environment that best serves your company’s needs and can increase property values.

Plan Turf And Plant Health Services: Spring preparation is also the time to give special attention to the turf. We’ll work with you to create a lawn renovation plan that includes services like turf fertilization and aeration or for some areas, seeding or turf replacement. Fertilizing at the proper time ensures the soil is receiving all the nutrients necessary for a thriving landscape.

Add Seasonal Color, Expand Flower Beds And Replace Aging Plantings: This is also when you’ll want to consider adding seasonal color with fresh annuals; replacing plants that are at the end of their lifespan or have outgrown their location; and if you’re thinking of expanding flower beds or adding new ones, ideally, they should be part of your springtime landscape preparation.

Perform Spring Startup Services On The Irrigation System: Another important task on the spring preparation list is your irrigation system. First, your U.S. Lawns irrigation experts will perform a thorough inspection to address any leaks, damaged sprinkler heads or other components. While we’re at it, we’ll help you determine what, if any, upgrades would be beneficial to increase efficiencies and better support conservation efforts. Then upon startup, we’ll make any adjustments necessary and get your system running smoothly to keep your greenery properly and efficiently watered during the upcoming warmer seasons.

Prune Ornamental Trees And Shrubs: Last but certainly not least on the springtime landscape preparation plan is pruning. Now is the prime time to cut back old wood or declining limbs to help prevent disease, promote new growth and keep your trees and shrubs healthy and looking their best.


U.S. Lawns is ready to start your springtime landscape preparation today.

We’re ready to start preparing your commercial landscape with our spring services today, so let’s get in touch now. Then you can focus on all your other duties, while we get your grounds back in shape for the seasons to come.

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