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Getting the right commercial lawn and landscape maintenance services in place for summer is crucial. While many landscapes are in “full flower” throughout the summer months, the scorching heat can take a major toll on plants and lawns if they’re not cared for properly. Here are a few things you can do now to keep your landscape healthy throughout the season. 

Maximize the Efficacy of Your Irrigation System

Is your irrigation system in good working order? Will it be able to water all the plants on your property? U.S. Lawns can assess this for you, and now is the time to be sure. When we visit your commercial property, we’ll carefully inspect your irrigation system to ensure that it’s working well and will keep your plants watered and healthy. If adjustments are needed, our crews can make them for you. We can also help you upgrade to a smart system so you can keep your landscape healthy while conserving water throughout the summer. 

A great irrigation system is the key to proper commercial lawn and landscape maintenance!

Keep Weeds to a Minimum

Just like the other plants on your landscape, weeds thrive during the summer. Not only are they unsightly, weeds can also trigger allergies and leach from your lawn by stealing water and nutrients that grass needs to survive. Furthermore, they create competition for your turf, edging out the plants you want to cultivate. 

It’s important to choose an effective technique when removing weeds. The wrong solution could make the problem worse. Through a variety of products and applications, U.S. Lawns can provide solutions to help maintain a weed-free lawn. Our knowledgeable crews will select the option that makes the most sense for your property. 

Invest in Professional Commercial Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Many property managers know that regular mowing, along with other proper lawn care practices, is the key to a healthy lawn. But sometimes, the details are overlooked. For instance, many people don’t know that factors as simple as the weather can determine best mowing techniques.

What is the weather like when you mow? What’s the temperature? How long or short should you cut your grass? In what direction should you mow? U.S. Lawns takes into account factors like the weather conditions, mowing heights for specific turf grass types, and alternate mowing patterns to ensure the best results.

U.S. Lawns crews understand the nuances of these and many other considerations when it comes to lawn care. 

Contact us today to learn how our commercial lawn and landscape maintenance services can keep your turf healthy during the scorching summer heat.

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