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Commercial landscape maintenance services are crucial for any commercial property. Whether you’re running a hospital, apartment community, office park, or shopping center, there are many benefits to choosing a provider that’s more of a partner than a vendor. Read on to learn about the many ways U.S. Lawns works to develop strong relationships with our customers. 


Long-Term Thinking

Many property managers only call for commercial landscape maintenance on an as-needed basis. That is to say, they observe that there is work to be done, so they contract someone to carry it out. At U.S. Lawns, we do more than just provide the services requested. We evaluate our customers’ entire properties to determine their short- and long-term needs. If we start working at a commercial property in the spring, we’re already planning for how to best manage it in the winter. This planning for the future means less hassle for our clients, seamless transitions from season to season, and ensures you get the products and services you need.


Getting to Know Your Property

Since we regularly visit your property, we’ll get to know it as well as you do. We’ll know how your lawn should look at its healthiest, how often it needs to be mowed, and when your trees were last pruned. This comprehensive knowledge of the properties we serve allows us to identify problems in their earliest stages and provide just the right level of commercial landscape maintenance. This also helps us to better adapt our services to meet customers’ needs over time.

For instance, we offer integrated pest management programs to help you manage your turf. These programs utilize a common-sense approach to keeping your property clear of pests by setting action thresholds, monitoring, and prevention and control techniques. As you can imagine, it would be difficult for a landscaper visiting on an as-needed basis to provide you with this level of service.


We Care About Your Budget

We recognize that budgeting is key in landscaping. Not only do we want our customers to get the most for their investment in commercial landscape maintenance, we want to help them save money in the long run. Planning ahead helps us to do just that by preventing problems and taking your needs into account. For instance, many of our customers find that they’re wasting money on overwatering. U.S. Lawns can help you upgrade your irrigation techniques, potentially increasing the health of your turf while also saving water. 

Along these lines, we utilize proprietary technology that allows us to provide you with extremely accurate estimates and quotes, reducing the likelihood of unexpected costs. This technology doesn’t just help you to plan your landscaping for the quarter, it can help you budget for our services years in advance. 

These are just a few of the reasons why having a commercial landscape maintenance partner beats simply contracting with a service provider. Contact us today for more information.

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