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U.S. Lawns has been offering unparalleled commercial landscaping services for 35 years and counting. What started out as a local business in 1986 has grown into the leading commercial landscaping provider in the country. Here, learn about our origins and what goes on behind the scenes of our brand.

Starting Out in Florida

U.S. Lawns opened its doors in Orlando, Florida, in 1986. We set ourselves apart from the competition by offering a holistic approach to commercial landscaping. Instead of offering one-off commercial landscaping services, we develop lasting partnerships with our clients. These partnerships enable us to ensure that their landscapes are being cared for properly year-round, reducing the likelihood of problems like unhealthy grass and wilting plants. 

After just one year, demand for our business in other markets was so high that we began to franchise, opening additional locations throughout Florida and then the U.S. We garnered recognition quickly as being among the best and most trustworthy commercial landscape companies around.

Today, we operate over 230 locations, with more on the way!

Our Brand D.N.A.

One of the reasons we’ve achieved nationwide success is that we’ve never wavered from our commitment to doing a great job and treating every customer with respect. We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and guarantee our work. We’re always finding new ways to go above and beyond for our customers and the operators within our network. 

The U.S. Lawns brand is a nationwide network of  local owner/operators who have committed to beautifying and improving the communities they live in and serve. Each of them is a local business owner who understand the needs of other business owners in their area. They have a vested interest in ensuring that customers love the level of quality and service U.S. Lawns provides, because they want to establish long-term relationships with the commercial property managers they service.

U.S. Lawns allows you to enjoy all of the resources and benefits of a nationwide company, with the personal touch of a local business. 

As we continue to grow, we’ll never lose sight of our Brand D.N.A. and principles like integrity and trust that have helped us get where we are today.

Planning for the Future

We always strive to stay ahead of landscaping industry trends so we can provide our customers with the in-demand products and services they want and need for their properties to stay healthy and beautiful. Of course, we’re always on the cutting-edge of landscaping products and technology as well, so we can offer our customers the very best commercial landscaping services possible.

U.S. Lawns is your dedicated partner when it comes to everything related to your landscape. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial landscaping services!


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