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Owning or managing multiple commercial properties teaches you how to see value in a job well done. When it comes to commercial landscape maintenance, multi-property managers can add value to their properties by attracting new customers and choosing sustainability, all while saving themselves time in the process.

Be a Place Where People Want to Be

Whatever type of commercial properties you manage – from office to residential to retail to healthcare – it is good for your bottom line when your buildings are full and vacancies are low. Great landscaping can make your property a place where people want to be because the environment is soothing. Put simply: Aesthetics matter.

Well-kept grounds and buildings set you up for an excellent reputation. The way people perceive your business is critical in attracting customers, tenants, and guests. When people consistently see clean upkeep and smart design, they associate your properties with high quality form and function.

Increase Property Value

Great landscaping helps you build equity in your property and keep it. Curb appeal not only helps show your customers what you’re all about, but it also makes a difference when it comes to the properties’ value. Choosing a professional landscaping company is truly an investment, and you can expect a return on that investment when it is time to appraise your properties. DIY landscaping is simply not an option if you want to boost your property value.

Manage Risks

Safety for all – employees, customers, service people – should be the goal for any commercial property. Risk management is one of the great values of choosing a licensed landscaper, because they will know how to keep your property safe and free of hazards in every season. Things like uneven or cluttered walkways, low-hanging branches, or an icy parking lot can create risks everywhere you (and your customers) step.

Save Yourself Time

Choose a commercial landscape maintenance company that meets all your needs so that you only have to work with one company and one account manager for everything relating to your grounds. If you only have one person to talk to, you always know who to reach when you have a landscaping emergency (they happen!) or want to discuss your service.

Outsourcing your landscaping saves you from having a grounds care department for your properties, saving you lots of time – and nothing is as valuable as your time. Additionally, outsourcing reduces your HR overhead as well as payroll and insurance costs, especially injury liability for lawn workers, customers, or both.

Care for the Earth

If you are looking for a way to add some sustainability to your properties, an easy place to start is with your commercial landscape maintenance. Plants and green spaces are critical for the environment and working with a professional landscaping team can help your properties do their part.

There are a million ways to go green. Choosing local grass varieties and plants use less water and have an additional bonus of being easy to care for. Planting one tree makes a big impact, as a single tree can remove 26 pounds of carbon from the atmosphere every year. Plants, shrubs, and grass all remove particles and gases from the air, making it cleaner and better for everyone to breathe. A landscaper can tell you even more about other things like an efficient sprinkler system, low phosphate fertilizers, pet-safe insecticides, erosion control, and more.

An extra benefit of going green? Your customers, tenants, and guests love it! Sustainability is not just a trend, it’s a way of life for a lot of people.

If you are looking for a landscaping company that has the crews and expertise to handle multiple properties with ease, choose U.S. Lawns. We take pride in doing outstanding work to help you achieve your properties’ goals. Learn more about us.

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