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Are you and your commercial landscape ready for the changing seasons? Commercial property owners and managers who have contracted with U.S. Lawns commercial landscaping services are. Our teams can provide just about any landscaping services you need, including these trending autumn upgrades. Let U.S. Lawns beautify your landscape and keep it healthy in cooler weather

1. Lots of Blue

Classic Blue is 2020’s Pantone Color of the Year, and if that appeals to you, then incorporating blue autumn blossoms like pansies and cornflowers as seasonal fall seasonal color is a great way to refresh your landscape. As part of our commercial landscaping services, U.S. Lawns can source flowers and plants that will thrive throughout the season in your region and we’ll provide them with proper care. 

And of course, we’ll provide the proper care for your seasonal flowers, and we will help you choose the color palettes that are best for your property.

2. Native Plants

Some commercial property owners are incorporating native plants into their landscape to save resources and showcase local beauty. Depending on your location, these could be anything from succulents to flowering plants to ornamental grasses. U.S. Lawns can not only find and care for native plants that thrive in autumn, we can help you create a beautiful area that will make your property reflect the natural beauty of your state.

3. Hardscapes That Enhance

beautiful hardscape doesn’t just enhance your property for one season, it should last for many years.  One current hardscaping trend is to transform dull walkways into interesting footpaths that attract visitors to your location and reflect the uniqueness of the business inside. U.S. Lawns teams can facilitate many kinds of hardscape installations, repairs, and upgrades.

4. Fall Landscape Cleanup Services to Prep Lawns for Winter

Property clean up in the fall keeps your property looking neat, clean and safe in the cooler months and into winter. Trimming ornamental trees, bushes and hedges, removing declining branches, and managing the fallen leaves on walkways are all integral parts of fall cleanup.

Many unwanted pests can overwinter under fallen leaves and other debris on the ground, so it’s important to perform regular fall cleanups to help keep lawns and beds free from overwintering insects.

Our teams of experts can judge exactly which fall cleanup services would benefit your landscape the most, so you can focus on the bigger picture of running your commercial property.

Contact U.S. Lawns today to learn more about our fall landscape cleanup services and how we can keep your property looking great in every season.

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