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U.S. Lawns stands out among commercial landscape companies because we work hard year-round to tend to your property and keep it looking beautiful. You don’t just do business when the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping — your property probably sees visitors just about every day of the year. U.S. Lawns knows that it can be difficult to maintain an eye-catching landscape during every season, but we’re dedicated to doing just that. Below are some of the ways we help our customers. 

Strategically Selecting & Tending to Plants

U.S. Lawns aims to help our customers make the most of the plants they already have on their property while also integrating new ones that perfectly suit their business and that will thrive in their region. When you first become a customer, we’ll work with you on long-term goals for your landscape, including helping you decide on the plants you’d like to incorporate. Our teams of experts will work to integrate them into your landscape at just the right time, so you and your visitors can enjoy their full beauty for as long as possible

We’ll also care for long-lasting plants like ornamental trees in such a way as to maximize their beauty during every season. For instance, careful pruning can strategically direct a tree’s growth energy – leading to fuller limbs and more vibrant leaves and flowers. Furthermore, pruning can also reduce the likelihood of broken branches in wind and snow storms during the winter months. This is just one of the ways our teams think ahead to keep your landscape looking well-maintained during every season.

A Commercial Landscape Company with Quick Response Times

It’s important that you can trust your commercial landscape company to offer quick response times when you need them most. When there’s inclement weather (e.g. storms, snow, and ice) we’ll be on-site quickly to clean up the damage. We can’t prevent accidents from happening but we can keep your property safer by removing debris as quickly as possible.

Clean-up times are made faster due to the efficient maintenance we provide, particularly during the winter months. If there’s snow and ice in your region, we’ll work hard to make your property a beautiful winter wonderland by:

  • Preventing ice from building up too quickly
  • Removing ice when necessary
  • Keeping walkways clear of snow
  • Making Big-Picture Improvements

In addition to lawn and plant care, we can also help you identify big-picture improvements that could greatly increase the beauty of your property year-round. For instance, replacing your irrigation system with a “smart” system could save you money while providing your landscape with better hydration. These systems rely on sensors to determine when watering is needed and exactly how much water is necessary. While timer-based systems use water indiscriminately, smart systems ensure your plants get the water they need when they need it.

We can also look into big-picture landscape changes like improving your hardscapes, adding relaxing pathways, or installing water features to delight your visitors. Whatever improvements your landscapes need, there’s a good chance that U.S. Lawns can make them happen.

Want to learn more about the value of working with our dedicated commercial landscape company? Contact U.S. Lawns today for further information.

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