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Customer care is our #1 priority at U.S. Lawns, which is especially evident when making commercial landscaping improvements in the winter season. Learn more about how we put customers first in every season.

Our Brand DNA

Great customer care is part of our DNA. We established our Brand DNA as an expanded mission statement of what we’re all about. We highly value principles like honesty and integrity, and we treat our customers well, with the goal of establishing long-term relationships.

Customers can count on us to provide them with professionalism and with accurate estimates. We’ll be there, we’ll be responsive, we’ll strive for excellence and we will be a business friend. These are just a few of the commitments we make to achieve our goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

We Go Above and Beyond the Competition

Our nationwide team of professionals will be there to provide virtually every service you need to maintain your landscape, including irrigation system maintenance; fertilization and plant health programs; pruning shrubs and ornamental trees; hardscape improvements; and snow and ice management in the northern areas of the country. We’re your single source for everything you need to keep your landscape looking great, and we provide services year-round.

We plan ahead for scheduled visits to our customers’ properties, so you can count on us to spot potential problems early, such as lawn health issues and irrigation system repairs that may need to be tended to immediately. Our teams can provide solutions quickly, saving you time and money. It’s our attention to detail that will ensure your grounds consistently look impressive and inviting.

We provide snow and ice management services for areas that may experience winter weather, saving you the from having to work with multiple service providers. Our team closely monitors local and national weather reporting systems, and we’re well prepared to pre-treat and to react quickly to the aftermath of winter or ice storms. You can count on us to clear your walkways and parking lots of snow and ice so you can keep your business moving forward.

Customers Can Count on Us for Excellent Commercial Winter Landscaping Services

Commercial landscaping improvements in the winter include more than just snow. Just prior to winter, before a hard freeze, winterizing your irrigation system is a high priority to avoid damage from frozen pipes. It’s also a great time to take care of some regular maintenance. For instance, winter is the perfect time to prune dormant trees and shrubs on your property to ensure the shape and structure of the plants are maintained.

Our strong values are at the heart of our snow and ice services. Customers can count on us to show up to their property quickly and do the job without damaging asphalt, vehicles, or other collateral. All in all, our winter prep and cleanup services make for a seamless transition from season to season.

Is your property in need of commercial landscaping improvements in the winter and throughout the year? Contact U.S. Lawns today to see how we’ll go above and beyond to serve you.

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