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Ornamental trees are a great way to beautify any property and come in many varieties. Each of these different trees have unique care needs, and not all commercial landscapers are equally qualified to maintain them. In urban areas, where these trees often aren’t native, it’s important to find a landscaper who is an expert in ornamental tree care in order to extend their life. U.S. Lawns has years of experience caring for a wide variety of ornamental trees, and we know just how to maximize their lifespan and their beauty.

Choose the Right Variety

There are many varieties of ornamental trees to choose from. Flowering trees like the blooming redbud can introduce a burst of color into your landscape in the spring. Japanese Maples beautify properties with brightly colored leaves throughout the year. Fruit trees make a beautiful and practical addition to many landscapes. While each of these varieties are capable of thriving in areas they’re not native to, property owners should take their needs into account when choosing which ones to incorporate into their landscape. Don’t feel like reading up on ornamental tree care? No worries! U.S. Lawns has the expertise to help you make choices that fit your budget and your local environment.

Prune for Health

One of the most important things commercial landscapers can do for ornamental trees is prune them correctly. Pruning is a great way to keep ornamental trees healthy, as strategically removing branches allows a tree to direct its growth energy to a fewer number of limbs. This has the potential to create stronger branches that are more resistant to snapping off in high winds.

Prune for Beauty

Pruning is also a great way to enhance the natural beauty of an ornamental tree. For one thing, it will likely reduce the amount of leaf fall property owners will have to deal with in the offseason, leading to a cleaner property in between landscaping services. Furthermore, pruning is a great way to enhance the shape of a tree by drawing attention to more beautiful branch and leaf formations. However, pruning inexpertly has the potential to seriously damage ornamental trees. That’s why it’s more important than ever to choose a commercial landscaper like U.S. Lawns that is an expert in tree care.

Irrigate Properly

No matter how hearty the variety, ornamental trees need proper irrigation in order to keep them healthy in the long run. Not only should property managers invest in a great irrigation system, they should ensure that it has proper drainage to keep ornamental trees hydrated. U.S. Lawns offers many irrigation installation and maintenance services and might even be able to help you select an irrigation system that can help you conserve water, energy and your monthly utility budget. Saving money while enhancing the appearance of your landscape is possible when you partner with us.

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