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If you’re responsible for managing a commercial property of any kind, it’s important to make decisions that will help you successfully meet your company goals. One that can really make a difference is who you partner with to maintain your landscape. If you choose a small, independently-owned landscaping company you’re taking the risk that you’ll receive inadequate services from under-qualified landscapers.

U.S. Lawns landscaping professionals are different than seasonal landscaping companies that are ill-equipped to take on the special needs of commercial properties. That’s because our grounds care maintenance experts service only commercial properties. We pride ourselves on the national brand we’ve built and the dedication of all our landscape management professionals to bring quality commercial landscaping services to every customer, no matter the job size. Here is what sets U.S. Lawns apart from our competitors.

A National Strength, With A Local Commitment

All U.S. Lawns landscaping professionals are united through the power of a network that each and every owner utilizes for their success. They share best practices, learn from one another’s accomplishments and mistakes, and have a strong bond that is uncommon among many other brands. We are steadfast in our mission to deliver quality, consistent landscape maintenance services to our customers.

In addition to brand dedication, we are also dedicated to the communities we serve. Here at U.S. Lawns, we use a local owner-operator business model. This means that the owners in your community are from the community, so they know exactly what you need in terms of lawn and landscape care.

Our commitment to communities doesn’t stop at beautifying the landscape either. We encourage owners to give back, and many do. We support every community we are part of, and we’re there to be a business friend to all our customers within those communities.

Services Tailored to Each Customer

Each commercial property has different landscape management and budgetary requirements. Whether it’s an apartment community, a mall, a manufacturing facility, an office building, or a hotel, we make sure every customer has the services they need for their specific commercial property. Once we establish a customer’s landscape and lawn care needs, we make sure we remain in sync to keep them looking their best. In order to achieve this, we promote proactive communication with our customers. Our goal is to be responsive instead of reactive, identifying and addressing potential issues before they turn into real problems and ultimately saving our customers time and money.

Landscaping Professionals Backed By Training And Support

A key difference between U.S. Lawns and other landscaping professionals is that we are a nationwide franchise brand. All our owners share our Brand DNA, and they receive the training and ongoing support they need to have the best chance for success. This means our franchise owners know what they are doing, and when they have a question, they always have someone to turn to for guidance. You won’t get this with an independent landscaping company. If something goes awry or they don’t know how to address a landscaping concern, they have no support system.

Our franchise owners have invested a lot of time, money and heart to become respected U.S. Lawns landscaping professionals. This means they are dedicated to bringing quality commercial landscaping services that simply cannot be found with any other company out there. In addition, our franchise owners uphold the values that we have established as a brand to bring the utmost service to any and all customers. We have an unwavering Brand DNA that we all incorporate into everything we do, with a promise “to be there, be responsive, be excellent, and be a friend.”

U.S. Lawns Has Over 250 Locations All Across the United States

We’re good at what we do. Our business model and dedication to our franchisees have resulted in over 250 successful franchises all over the nation. We are a leading commercial landscaping franchise and we’re still growing. Our methods have proven to be effective in commercial grounds care, and we continue to outperform the competition all across the country.

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