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Mulch has a lot of benefits for your landscape. If you have plants, flowers, or trees on your commercial property, fresh mulch is a must to keep them healthy and prolong their lives. Of all the commercial landscape improvements and other grounds care needs you have for your commercial property, mulching should be at the top of your list when it comes to your yearly plan. Here’s why:


Conserve Water

Every property manager wants to find ways to support sustainability and save money while still running the property efficiently. This includes saving water. Using fresh mulch in your flower beds and around your ornamental trees can conserve water while keeping the roots and surrounding soil moist. This means that on those dry summer days where there’s no water in sight, your plants and trees are still getting the water they need to stay well hydrated. It also improves the plant’s health because they’re receiving nutrients created from the mulch as it breaks down.

Insulate the Soil

When soil gets too hot or too cold, it can harden and lose its fertility. Fresh mulch protects the soil underneath from the elements, keeping the soil healthy and fertile for years to come. It also helps keep the existing plants and their root systems alive throughout the seasons.

Improve Soil Health

Mulch is made from leaves, bark, and compost, which are all useful for soil. As mulch decomposes, it enters into the soil and can improve its fertility. This is an especially useful commercial landscape improvement because if the soil was not fertile prior to using fresh mulch, it can increase its fertility for the following year.

Keep Weeds Out

Mulch can prevent weeds from popping up in your flower beds. This can save you money because you won’t need to perform as much weeding or invest in other commercial landscape improvements to hide weeds. Mulch serves as natural weed prevention and it helps strengthen the roots of plants and ornamental trees because they’re not competing with the weeds for space, food, and water.

Enhance the Look of a Flowerbed

When you drive or walk by well-tended commercial properties, more often than not you’ll see seasonal colors that pop and even grounds that look consistently lush and beautiful throughout. This is partially due to fresh mulch. Mulching makes everything look better around it and adds curb appeal to your property.

Mulch Makes an Invaluable Contribution to Your Commercial/Retail Property

There are a lot of commercial landscape improvements to consider for your property, but one of the most important should be fresh mulch. Mulching your flowerbeds and the surrounding areas of shrubs and ornamental trees can prolong plant life and keep the landscape healthy. Overall, mulching can save money and maintenance time because you won’t need to weed, replant, or replace flowers as often.

If you are interested in other commercial landscape improvements for your commercial property, check them out on our website! We have all kinds of landscape enhancements to improve commercial and retail properties.

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