Why It’s Important to Have a Beautiful Landscape Your Customers Can Appreciate

The key to customer satisfaction is attention to the details, especially when it comes to your commercial landscape. Customers who are coming to your property want to feel welcomed, and that feeling starts right when they enter the parking lot. Your landscape is important to the customer experience, and through commercial landscape maintenance, you can have the curb appeal you want that draws them to your commercial or retail property and right to your tenants’ doors.

commercial landscape maintenance

It’s All About the Customer Experience

Simply put, customers are less inclined to go into a store or restaurant that has an unmaintained landscape. Since the outside is the first thing they see, it is what makes a good or bad first impression. You don’t want your first impressions to be your last priority, which is why commercial landscape maintenance can make a huge difference.

An important thing to remember about the customer experience is that your customers are members of the surrounding community, and your landscape should reflect that. Your customers will appreciate native, seasonal plants that they see throughout the area; ornamental trees that they know from their town; and flower beds with colorful flowers. These all add little details to areas that were otherwise bare, and they stand out to your customers because they are native to the community. Customers notice these small details, so maintaining and improving your property’s landscape can go a long way.

The Landscape Reflects the Business

The maintenance and care that is put into the landscape reflects on how much you take pride in your business. Putting a lot of thought and care into your commercial landscape proves to customers and tenants alike that you care about them and the experience they have while they are at your property. In addition to the landscape surrounding the property, commercial landscaping services like trimming limbs off trees can help if they become too long and block signage or spill into walkways.

Happy Customers = Happy Tenants

If you manage a commercial or retail center, chances are your goal is to fill it with tenants who want to stay for a long time. In order to make this happen, these tenants want to know that their rent is going toward maintaining and improving their space to help their businesses. This is where landscaping becomes a priority. With quality commercial landscape maintenance, customers will feel welcomed to your property, and will feel more inclined to visit your tenants’ stores. Your tenants’ success is your success — because when customers are coming to your property and visiting their shops, they will want to stay longer.

Commercial landscape maintenance is important for a retail center because customers want to approach the parking lot seeing lush grass in the islands, flowers in the entryways, and ornamental trees along the walls to make them feel welcomed to your retail or commercial space. Customers appreciate when a property has those small details that add a splash of color or make the area look clean and well-kept.  Keep your tenants and your customers happy by calling U.S. Lawns to help with all your commercial landscaping needs.

If you need commercial landscape maintenance that your customers and tenants, here are a bunch of services to choose from.

  • February 7, 2019
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