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Attention to the details is key to customer satisfaction, and this is especially true when it comes to your commercial landscape. Customers coming to your property want to feel welcomed, and that feeling starts the moment they approach the parking lot. Your landscape is important to the customer experience, and through commercial landscape maintenance, you can create the curb appeal that draws customers onto your commercial or retail property and right to your tenants’ doors.

commercial landscape maintenance

It’s All About the Customer Experience

Simply stated, your initial impression should be a top priority. Customers are less inclined to go into a store or restaurant that has a poorly maintained landscape. Since the outside is the first thing people see, it’s important to utilize your grounds to make the right impression. This is where professional commercial landscape maintenance services can make all the difference.

It’s also important to recognize that your customers are members of the surrounding community, so when it comes to creating a positive customer experience your landscape should reflect that. Your customers will appreciate familiar seasonal plants; ornamental trees that they recognize from their town; and flower beds with the colorful blooms they know and love. These added elements improve areas that were otherwise bare, and really stand out to your customers because they’re native to their community. Maintaining and improving your property’s landscape can really help you build a meaningful experience that resonates with tenants, customers and the community.

The Landscape Reflects the Business

The maintenance and care that is put into the landscape reflects how much pride you take in your business. By putting thought and care into your landscape, you’re demonstrating to your customers and tenants that their experience while they’re on your grounds is important to you. In addition to having neatly mowed turf and bright seasonal flowers that transition with the seasons, you’ll also want to include commercial landscaping services like trimming limbs off trees, so they’re not blocking signs or presenting a hazard along walkways.

Happy Customers = Happy Tenants

If you manage a commercial or retail center, chances are your goal is to fill it with tenants who want to be there for the long term. And obviously, the success of your tenants is your success. One of the best ways to make them want to remain, is to prove that their rent is going toward maintaining and improving their space to the betterment of their businesses. This is where quality commercial landscape maintenance can make a noticeable contribution. When customers approach the parking lot and see lush grass on the islands, flowers in the entryways, and ornamental trees lining the walls they feel welcomed to your retail space.

Customers appreciate spending time on a property where commercial landscape maintenance is a priority – everything looks clean and well-kept, they can count on seeing healthy plants with that splash of color, and the grounds are always welcoming. They’ll also feel more inclined to spend time in your tenants’ stores, which is a win for everyone.

Keep your tenants and customers happy by calling U.S. Lawns. We’re here to help with all your commercial landscaping needs. Learn more about commercial landscape maintenance services that can be customized to help you meet your goals and start improving your customer experience today.

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