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Ornamental trees are a great way to add color and dimension to any landscape. There are many varieties to choose from, but tree care that’s tailored to their unique needs is critical when it comes to maintaining the health of your trees and the safety of your commercial landscape. While ornamental trees aren’t always as large as other trees, they still need regular pruning in order to thrive and keep your property looking good.

How Ornamental Trees are Often Used in Landscapes

Ornamental trees are used to provide landscapes with unique beauty. They’re often a great source of seasonal color, like flowering varieties such as cherry blossoms and lilac trees. The burst of color and lush blooms these trees provide creates an unbeatable ambiance in any landscape. Other ornamental trees like Japanese maple provide landscapes with color-changing foliage throughout the year.

The wide assortment of ornamental trees available enables commercial property owners to select varieties that meet their maintenance needs and fit in with their desired color palette. Whichever varieties you choose, proper tree care is key to maintaining the overall health of your landscape. At U.S. Lawns, we’re experts in ornamental trees and their care. We can help you choose trees that meet your unique needs, and we’ll help you maximize their health and beauty year-round.

The Health and Beauty of the Tree

Pruning a tree does a lot more than maintain its desired shape. Regular and strategic pruning actually helps a tree to redirect its growth energy, allowing the remaining branches to flourish. Gardeners and landscapers know that the key to maximizing a tree’s beauty is to carefully prune some branches to encourage growth and flowering in others. This tree care is a great way to draw attention to the most appealing branches and flowers while also improving the view of the trunk. Strategic pruning is also used to enhance the natural branching patterns that make each tree unique.

Furthermore, pruning is a great way to protect against wind damage. Keeping branches trimmed down minimizes wind resistance, reducing the chance that they’ll break off in a storm. In the same way, keeping branches neat during the winter months can lessen the amount of snow that can pile up, helping to guard against breakage.

Tree Care Reduces Hazards and Leaf Fall

Proper tree care isn’t just necessary to protect the health of your ornamental trees, it’s key to keeping your landscape safe. While ornamental trees may be smaller than other varieties, they can still bear large limbs. If they’re not properly pruned, there’s a greater chance that they could break off in a storm, leading to property damage as well as becoming a safety hazard. Similarly, proper maintenance can prevent messes from forming when leaves and flowers fall. Regular pruning can significantly reduce the amount of cleanup there is to be done, keeping your property looking better between visits from your landscapers.

U.S. Lawns provides comprehensive ornamental tree care year-round. Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve your landscape.

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