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Tree Care in Arkansas Northeast, Arkansas

U.S. Lawns of Arkansas Northeast offers tree care for many varieties. We specialize in ornamental trees, and we also work with larger varieties like palm trees. Trees are some of the longest-lasting and most noticeable elements of your landscape. This is why we work to keep them healthy and beautiful for years. A few of the commercial tree care services we provide include:

  • Locating and installing the perfect tree varieties
  • Maintenance such as pruning and fertilization
  • Tree care for unique varieties like palm trees

Installation and Maintenance

If your property doesn’t currently have many trees, you might consider adding some. Trees are a great way to boost curb appeal. Flowering varieties add beautiful seasonal colors in the spring, and fall foliage brightens up every landscape. We have connections with nurseries all over the country, so that we can help you track down just the right varieties for your unique landscape.

Once your ornamental trees have taken root, we can keep them thriving with regular maintenance tailored to their specific needs. A few of the tree care services we provide are:

Regular pruning

Pruning helps trees direct growth energy into their most beautiful limbs, enhancing the appearance of your commercial trees. Furthermore, pruning can reduce the likelihood that branches will be broken off in high winds as well as reduce the amount of leaf fall to clean up in autumn.


Just like every living being, trees need proper nutrition to grow strong and flourish. We’ll ensure that your soil has the right balance of nutrients to keep your trees and other plants healthy and long-lived.

Palm Tree Care Services

Some tree varieties need specialized care that goes beyond the requirements of a typical ornamental tree. Palm trees are one example. Having over three decades of landscape management experience, our teams know how to get the best out of palm trees and other varieties that may need a little extra TLC. A few of the ways we provide commercial tree care for palm trees include:

  • Extra care in their early stages: Palm trees have special nutritional requirements in their first year. If your tree is newly planted, we’ll make sure it has the care it needs.
  • Specialized pruning: Pruning a palm tree requires specific tools, skill and expertise, which means it’s better undertaken by experienced service providers. We work with seasoned experts who know just when and how to prune, as well as how to properly care for the vital treetop.

While our team knows just how to care for palm trees, we also specialize in other unique varieties that require expert care.

Contact U.S. Lawns of Arkansas Northeast today to see how our commercial tree care services can help you beautify your landscape while improving the health of your trees!

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