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Commercial Landscape Enhancements in Port Charlotte, FL


Let our experienced Port Charlotte professionals provide the skills to meet your landscape enhancement needs.

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Commercial Landscape Enhancements in Port Charlotte, FL

Serving Properties in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Grove City, Manasota Key, Harbour Heights, El Jobean, Murdock, Placida, and the Surrounding Communities

Port Charlotte Landscape Improvement & Enhancement Experts

Local U.S. Lawns Port Charlotte owner-operator Gene Barnes and rest of the team are dedicated to keeping every commercial landscape we service in top condition. Because of this we specialize in making landscape improvements to round out our expertise in landscape management.

We can correct landscape drainage issues; create outdoor spaces where people can relax or enjoy recreational activities; and utilize flowers, ornamental shrubs and trees to help you attract attention and stand out in the community.

Whether you’re overseeing the grounds of a condominium complex in Englewood, a North Port medical clinic, a business center in Port Charlotte, an Arcadia hotel, a boat dealer in Placida, a Punta Gorda assisted living facility, a place of worship in Boca Grande or any other commercial property located within the Florida counties of Charlotte, Lee or DeSoto, you can entrust your landscape enhancement needs to the experts of U.S. Lawns Team 565 with confidence.

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Seasonal Color – One of the surest landscape improvements for elevating curb appeal and beautifying your property’s exterior space is to keep floral color popping throughout the year. U.S. Lawns Port Charlotte can install and maintain flowerbeds; add planters filled with blooming tropical plants and bright foliage to draw the eye to important focal points like signage and entryways; and we’ll plant and care for ornamental trees and blossoming shrubs, to ensure your grounds are filled with colorful hues throughout the year.

Mulch – For aesthetic purposes, mulching is a valuable landscape improvement; but even more importantly, natural mulch has a strong influence on the health of your greenery because it helps with water retention, feeds the soil with important nutrients as it decomposes, prevents weed germination, regulates the ground temperature, and aids with erosion control. Get in touch with U.S. Lawns Port Charlotte to learn more about the multitude of benefits mulch has to offer to your landscape.

Permanent Groundcover – If your property has places where the greenery struggles, there are permanent ground cover alternatives like cedar chips, rubber mulch, decorative pebbles such as pea stone gravel, and other durable materials that will please the eye and stand up to harsh conditions. Show us your challenging spaces and we’ll help you choose the low-maintenance groundcover option that will best serve your needs.

Landscape Drainage – You can depend on your U.S. Lawns landscape renovation pros to provide the right landscape drainage solution to eliminate your water issues. We can clear existing landscape drains of debris; install new channel, French or surface drains; build natural rain gardens or dry creek beds to capture runoff; change the land’s topography to reroute flowing water; and if necessary, we can mix sand or an organic medium into the soil in order to improve its absorption capabilities.

Hardscapes – If you’re looking for ways to make your grounds into an outdoor destination place, U.S. Lawns Port Charlotte can assist you. We can install athletic areas such as badminton, volleyball or basketball courts as well as playgrounds for the kids; add meandering, bench-lined pathways that lead to the shelter of a gazebo or a natural rock waterfall; build brick or paver patios complete with covered tables, flowerpots and even a fire pit or a soothing water feature. Share your aspirations with us and we’ll transform your grounds to help you achieve them.

In fact, we want to know all about your business and your goals, so we can ensure your landscape is making its best possible contribution. From keeping the lawn neatly mowed, trimmed and free of weeds and debris, to ensuring the flora remains at optimum health, to performing irrigation design, installation, repairs and maintenance, and of course, improving your commercial landscape, U.S. Lawns Port Charlotte is your full-service landscaping partner. So contact us now, we’re ready and available to serve you!


Gene Barnes

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