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Commercial Snow Removal Services in Kansas City North, MO


Let our experienced Kansas City North professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial landscaping needs.

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Commercial Snow Removal Services in Kansas City North, MO

Serving Properties in North Kansas City, Piper, Mosby, Bonner Springs, Platte City, Kearney, Smithville, Excelsior Springs, and the Surrounding Communities

Your Snow Plowing & Ice Management Experts

Darrick Stirling and the rest of U.S. Lawns Team 575 in Kansas City North are your commercial snow removal and ice management specialists. As a locally owned and operated business, we have first-hand experience with all the various forms of frozen precipitation winter brings to the “Barbecue Capital” of the nation.

We’re also well aware of how important it is to continue operating without disruption during a big snowstorm, no matter your company’s objectives. So, if you’re responsible for managing the grounds of a Grandview municipal property, a business park in Kansas City, a physicians’ building or medical clinic in Raytown, an Oak Grove apartment complex, a fabrication plant in Garden City or a Peculiar manufacturer, a Blue Springs restaurant or hotel, a nursing home in Harrisonville, a retail shop in Buckner or any other type of commercial property, make sure you’re on our snow and ice schedule before the first winter storm of the season arrives.

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Services Included In Our Commercial Snow Removal Contracts

Snowplowing & Snow Shoveling – When the snow starts to accumulate, you can count on the U.S. Lawns of Kansas City North snow plowing crews to be pushing snow from driving and parking areas. You’ll also see us on your property with shovels in hand, attending to the stairways and sidewalks, doing our best to keep your property accessible when and where it needs to be.

Ice Treatments – Often a first line of defense against icy pavement, U.S. Lawns will be on location to pretreat surfaces in an effort to prevent ice from forming when conditions demand it. We’ll also come to apply ice melts when icing does occur. Some of the products we may use are:

  • Granular Ice Melts – Which are designed to penetrate and melt thicker layers of frozen precipitation.
  • Liquid Deicers – Which are used as a preventative measure for pretreating paved areas and will also melt thinner ice glazing.
  • Sand – Although not a melting agent, sand can be a valuable traction aid on slippery surfaces.

Winter Storm Response – One of the qualities which makes U.S. Lawns the preferred landscaping team among commercial property owners and managers throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan Area is our responsiveness. The way we’re able to take immediate action by planning ahead–especially when it comes to snow and ice. The benefits of early preparation are:

  • It affords the opportunity for us to make certain the trees and shrubs have been properly trimmed and pruned so they’ll better stand up to the strong winter winds and the added weight of snow and ice with minimal breakage.
  • We have time to designate the best areas for piling snow so it will be as out of the way as possible and still have the best drainage for melting.
  • We’re able to map out all hardscape and softscape features at risk of damage by snowplows so they can be avoided once they’ve been covered under a blanket of snow.
  • We can ensure we’re fully staffed and equipped to serve every customer at the highest level.
  • You are assured a priority place on our schedule, which means you won’t be scrambling to find an available snow and ice crew to take care of your property post haste during a big winter storm.

The other advantages of our winter storm response process include:

  • 24/7 weather forecast monitoring to be certain we’re ready to act the moment we’re needed.
  • Removal of downed tree limbs and other storm debris to keep your property looking good even during the winter season.

You should also know that our commitment to responsiveness is something we carry through every season, and in every task from mowing and weeding to irrigation installations, repairs and maintenancelandscape improvements and every other landscaping service in which we specialize.

So, if you’re ready for an all-season landscaping partner with happy customers throughout the Missouri counties of Jackson, Cass, Lafayette, and Johnson, contact U.S. Lawns Kansas City North today. We’re here to keep your landscape flourishing while making your job a whole lot easier, all year round.


Darrick Stirling

[email protected]

​Darrick Stirling started his lawn maintenance career at the age of 14 as he pushed his mower around local neighborhoods, hired a friend to help, and passed out homemade business cards. Little did he know that his perseverance would take him to where he is now as a U.S. Lawns franchisee. He is actively involved with his church and community, and has been a part of the U.S. Lawns family since 2012.

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