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Commercial Irrigation Maintenance in Ozarks, MO


Let our experienced Ozarks professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial irrigation needs.

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Commercial Irrigation Maintenance in Ozarks, MO

Serving Properties in Springfield, Webster County, Christian County, Dallas County, Greene County, Taney County, Stone County, Lawrence County, and Polk County

Your Ozarks Irrigation Design, Maintenance & Repair Specialists

Local owner-operator Matthew Kindell and the team of U.S. Lawns of The Ozarks specialize in drip irrigation, spray irrigation and other landscape hydration systems. In fact, commercial property owners and managers throughout the Missouri counties of Barry, Camden, Cedar, Christian, Dade, Greene, Laclede, Lawrence, Polk, Ozark, Stone, Taney and Webster depend on us to keep their irrigation system operating at peak performance, and you can too.

If you need lawn sprinkler services for a Camdenton professional building, an industrial company in Cassville or El Dorado Springs, an Ozark funeral home, a storage facility in Sparta, a Nixa car dealership, a convenience store in Clever, a Greenfield municipal property, a church in Humansville, a Pontiac resort, a condominium complex in Branson, a senior living environment in Battlefield, a medical center in Willard, or any other commercial property in the region, you can count on U.S. Lawns to take care of your landscape’s water management needs.

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U.S. Lawns – Ozarks
Team 566
1010 N Robin Street
Nixa, MO 65714
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New Irrigation Installations – Whether for a brand-new construction project or for a well-established landscape, the irrigation professionals of U.S. Lawns Team 566 in the Ozarks will install an irrigation system designed to meet the watering requirements of your landscape. We’ll factor in the soil conditions, the terrain, the vegetation varieties, and the evolving needs of maturing flora as well as planned landscape enhancements, to ensure your new irrigation system has the capacity to be effective now and well into the future.

Irrigation System Upgrades – If it’s time to add more watering zones or replace poorly functioning sprinkler  heads and other components, just leave it to the irrigation experts of U.S. Lawns. We’ll update your irrigation system with efficient new parts and add more water zones to expand your system’s reach, and we can also install rain sensors and smart controllers so your irrigation system will work in harmony with the weather–conserving precious resources and operating effectually with minimal intervention required on your part.

Irrigation Repairs & Maintenance – U.S. Lawns of The Ozarks can make irrigation repairs both major and minor and we’ll keep your irrigation system in top shape when you include irrigation maintenance as part of your annual water management contract with us. We’ll make regularly scheduled visits to inspect your irrigation system, make adjustments as necessary, perform servicing to prevent mineral buildup from clogging drip emitters, valves, sprinkler heads and other parts, and make sure your irrigation system remains in good repair and flowing smoothly, month after month.

Irrigation Shutdown & Startup – In addition to routine irrigation maintenance, U.S. Lawns will perform winter shutdown services, draining your irrigation system of water, blowing excess moisture from the lines and winterizing your system to protect it from breaks caused by freezing temperatures. Then, we’ll return with our spring startup services to make sure your irrigation system is up and operating correctly in time for the busy seasons.

The landscape management pros of U.S. Lawns Ozarks are here to handle all of your commercial grounds care needs, while you turn your attention to other important tasks. So, if you’re ready for a landscaping partner that will provide the highest quality of irrigation services right along with taking care of the lawn, trees, shrubberies and other plants, and can also perform all snow removal and all types of landscape improvements, contact us today!


​Matt Kindell & Stacy Kindell

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[email protected]

​Each U.S. Lawns office, no matter how big or small, is owned and operated by members of your community. Owners enjoy the support of a nationwide network, as well as a close relationship to their individual communities.


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