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Commercial Landscaping Services in Raleigh

There are several advantages to investing in commercial landscaping services in Raleigh. It boosts your property’s curb appeal, entices more customers, and stimulates positivity and productivity. Protect your investment and enjoy these benefits for many years by working with U.S. Lawns.

Commercial Grounds Care in Raleigh

Our team serves business owners, property managers, and HOAs across Raleigh, Knightdale, and Garner, making their lives easier by providing exceptional grounds care on a regular basis. From aesthetic enhancements and irrigation upgrades, to snow and ice management and shrub and tree care, no job is too great for us.

With several offices spread out across North Carolina, combined with the U.S. Lawns network, and partnerships with local vendors and suppliers, we are able to get the job done efficiently, no matter the size of your commercial property.

Why Choose U.S. Lawns?

Since joining U.S. Lawns in 2000, we have consistently delivered on our promise of providing commercial lawn services in Raleigh on par with national standards. Guided by the franchise’s mission of greening communities, we are able to face the demands of commercial landscaping head on.

Combining our extensive capabilities with commitment to customer service, we can satisfy the unique needs of almost any business.

Our team of professionals will survey your property thoroughly and customize a landscape management program that fits your budget and terrain. From basic services down to select enhancements, we will deliver quality and service you can trust. Our commercial lawn services team in Raleigh knows what works in the area, so we can incorporate localized knowledge into every project we manage.

What really drives our business is our passion for beautifying communities, one commercial property at a time. We believe that spreading seasonal color and greenery across our community within a variety of commercial properties, as well as social and public spaces, creates an overall positive environment. It is our special way of helping local businesses grow.
For the best lawn maintenance and commercial landscaping services in Raleigh, contact U.S. Lawns today.

U.S. Lawns in YOUR Community

You'll find every U.S. Lawns owner in the community, helping to make the places we live a little better for us all. From charities to golf tournaments to volunteer work, we're active in giving back to our neighbors.

We serve the businesses in the following zip codes:

27612, 27613, 27587, 27603, 27614, 27615, 27608, 27609, 27605, 27601, 27529, 27545, 27604, 27610, 27616

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About the Owner

​Rob TeCarr

​​Rob operates U.S. Lawns offices in Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Cary, North Carolina.​ Each U.S. Lawns office, no matter how big or small, is owned and operated by members of your community. Owners enjoy the support of a nationwide network, as well as a close relationship to their individual communities.

​Rob operates U.S. Lawns offices in Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Cary, North Carolina.​ Each U.S. Lawns office, no matter how big or small, is owned and operated by members of your community. Owners enjoy the support of a nationwide network, as well as a close relationship to their individual communities.

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Customer Feedback

Paul Rowe

Very good value. Crews are professional and accommodating. Management team is responsive and great to work with.

Ed Gary

Responsive and through.

Cindi Maida

I have been very impressed with the service I have received thus far with US Lawns. I also appreciate the thorough knowledge and recommendations they have offered me. I would definitely recommend to a friend/colleague.

Alina Cochran

Found the account manager and his crew to be very responsive to requests.

Elliotte Lawing

You guys are, and have been doing a great job. You have appeared when we sent up the Bat-signal, and are always there with an explanation when a scheduled activity can not be accomplished at the specified time. They say it's "Location, Location, Location!" But you guys have figured out that it's really "Communication, Communication, Communication!!"

Allison Starr-Esposito

Excellent customer service, both in the office and the field. Quality of landscaping services far surpass those of any other company we have worked with.

Krystal Reid

The crew on my property does a fine job with all the basics. i would love to see a more proactive approach and maybe have them provide me with things that we can do to beautify the community as well as basic lawn care.

Paul Rowe

Rob TeCarr and his team are extremely responsive, diligent, and friendly. Alberto (crew chief) focuses on the details to keep the properties looking great. Very happy with US Lawns.

Claire Northrop

U.S. Lawns is great! I used them on a front outdoor entrance reconstruction project and liked them so much they are now our monthly landscapers! they also always provide excellent customer service with quick response and thorough answers!

Ed Gary

I appreciate the attention given to all our landscape needs.

Sandy Shanahan

Generally favorable - I enjoy working with the guys and they are good about doing what they are supposed to.

Ashley Davoli

My concerns and ideas are always valued with US Lawns

Michael Feramisco

The communication and responsiveness is exemplary. No vendor and no person is perfect, yet US Lawns does a great job in correcting issue when they inevitably arise. They do so in a proactive rather than a reactive manner.

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