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Commercial Snow Removal Services in Cincinnati, OH


Let our experienced East Cincinnati professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial snow removal needs.

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Commercial Snow Removal Services in Cincinnati, OH

Serving Properties in East Cincinnati, Amberley, Lebanon, Blue Ash, Montgomery, Mason, Olde West Chester, Morrow, and the Surrounding Communities

Your Snow Plowing & Ice Management Experts

Local owner-operator Ryan Kirkham and U.S. Lawns Cincinnati East are commercial snow and ice management specialists, which is an advantage to you, because when wintry weather is on the horizon you can be confident that we’re on top of things so you can remain focused on doing business as usual.

If you’re an owner or manager responsible for the landscape of a West Chester Township business park or a Loveland manufacturing company, winter storms can create a special urgency to make sure your commercial property remains accessible. The same holds true for restaurants and shopping centers in Middletown and Blue Ash, Lebanon apartment complexes and municipal properties, retirement communities in Morrow, and Sharonville hotels as well. Whatever your commercial enterprise in the greater Cincinnati area, a snowstorm can really be disruptive.

Get in touch with us and make sure snow clearing and ice management services are part of your yearly landscape management plan.

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Snow Plowing & Shoveling – When the snow starts accumulating, you can rely on U.S. Lawns Team 226 to be on your property, plowing parking lots and driveways and shoveling sidewalks and exterior stairways so employees and customers can continue to come and go as they need to.

Ice Melts – When icy conditions are imminent, your U.S. Lawns Cincinnati East snow and ice management experts will be there ahead of time, pre-treating paved surfaces to prevent them from icing over. On the occasions, when ice does build up on sidewalks and parking areas, we’ll be back to treat your sidewalks and parking lots ice melt. Some of the ice melting treatments we use are:

  • Sand to help improve traction until the ice melt is able to take effect.
  • Granular deicers which are good for penetrating and thawing thicker layers of frozen precipitation.
  • Liquid deicers which are used as a preventative and also to aid in melting thin glazes of ice on concrete walkways and other paved surfaces.

Storm Response – One of the things we take great pride in is the fact that you can count on our responsiveness. We start planning months ahead of winter, so you know you’re already our priority when the snow starts coming down. Even better for our customers is that early planning gives us the opportunity to designate the best locations to pile snow and also identify softscape and hardscape elements that will need to be protected from our snowplows when they’re concealed under a blanket of snowfall. As a routine part of our winter storm response, we constantly monitor the weather forecast so we won’t be caught off guard and neither will you. And once we’ve got the snow and ice under control, we’ll get rid of broken tree branches and other debris left behind by strong winter winds and heavy snows.

If you’d like to have a complete landscape management partner that can handle everything from lawn care to irrigation maintenance, design and repair services, look no further than U.S. Lawns of Cincinnati East. We have long experience serving commercial properties throughout the Ohio counties of Butler, Warren, Hamilton and Clermont, and we’re here to be your all-season landscaping professionals too.


Ryan Kirkham

[email protected]

Ryan Kirkham started a residential landscape maintenance company in Columbus when he was 16. As he gained more experience, he decided to expand his expertise and learn more about servicing commercial clients.

At the age of 20, Ryan sold his business and moved to Cincinnati, where he joined U.S. Lawns and continues to grow his commercial landscape maintenance business. A strong believer in people, process and product, for Ryan it’s all about bringing in the right people, and providing them with the tools to grow within the organization. His focus is to help his employees establish goals and a future, whether their long-term goal is to remain on Ryan’s team or not, and his philosophy proves successful every day through his client satisfaction and retention. “We have a proven process, by investing in people we can guarantee a great product.”


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