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Commercial Landscaping Services in Cincinnati

Known as the “Paris of America,” Cincinnati is home to numerous architectural landmarks, with some buildings dating back to the early 1800s. As the first major city to develop after the Revolutionary War, some scholars consider Cincinnati to be the first true “American” city.

Near the end of the 19th century, Cincinnati was noted for its ambitious architectural projects. Buildings like the Cincinnatian Hotel, the Shillito Department Store, and the Music Hall were instrumental in cementing Cincinnati as one of the country’s premier architectural leaders.

With this in mind, it’s important for commercial properties in the city to reflect Cincinnati’s unique and esteemed reputation by maintaining clean, pristine, and professional-looking frontage. Commercial landscape services in Cincinnati help business establishments honor the history and heritage of the city with a fitting curb appeal.

As a leading expert in landscaping and lawn care services, U.S. Lawns can provide commercial owners in Cincinnati the best, most cost-efficient landscaping solutions for their property.

Commercial Lawn Services in Lebanon

Lebanon, Ohio is regarded by many as a cultural hub in Warren County because of its historical landmarks. The city is home to the Golden Lamb Inn, the oldest hotel in Ohio. This hotel has the distinction of having been visited by 12 U.S. Presidents, from William Henry Harrison, to James Garfield, all the way to George W. Bush.

Downtown Lebanon is also home to numerous antique and specialty shops, each one offering a glimpse of the nation’s history. To this end, commercial properties in Lebanon strive to maintain curbs that honor the noble history of the area. Our commercial lawn service in Lebanon gives our clients a chance to show off impressive landscapes and give customers and visitors a taste of picturesque small-town America.

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U.S Lawns is a leading provider of landscaping and lawn care services around the country, from Ohio to North Carolina, all the way to the West Coast. Our company is supported by dedicated and hard-working local owner-operators who know exactly what their community needs.

In southwestern Ohio, we cover clients from the suburbs of Blue Ash and Montgomery in Cincinnati, to Lebanon and Loveland in Warren County, and the towns of Mason, West Chester, and Monroe.

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Ryan Kirkham started a residential landscape maintenance company in Columbus when he was 16. As he gained more experience, he decided to expand his expertise and learn more about servicing commercial clients. At the age of 20, Ryan sold his business and moved to Cincinnati, where he joined U.S. Lawns and continues to grow his commercial landscape maintenance business. A strong believer in people, process and product, for Ryan it’s all about bringing in the right people, and providing them with the tools to grow within the organization. His focus is to help his employees establish goals and a future, whether their long-term goal is to remain on Ryan’s team or not, and his philosophy proves successful every day through his client satisfaction and retention. “We have a proven process, by investing in people we can guarantee a great product.”

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