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Commercial Landscape Enhancements in Clarksville, TN


Let our experienced Clarksville professionals provide the skills to meet your landscape enhancements needs.

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Commercial Landscape Enhancements in Clarksville, TN

Serving Properties in Clarksville, Springfield, Cumberland Heights, Greenbrier, Coopertown, Sango, Fort Campbell KY, and the Surrounding Communities

Your Clarksville Landscape Improvement & Enhancement Experts

Ronnie Moore and the landscape improvement specialists of U.S. Lawns of Clarksville are devoted to ensuring every commercial landscape we serve is being utilized to its greatest extent.

Whether your objective is to beautify the landscape of a Springfield hotel, a health care facility in Franklin, a Portland professional building or a church in Adairville; correct landscape drainage problems on the grounds of a Guthrie industrial company; provide an outdoor public area for a Clarksville nursing home or an apartment complex in Oak Grove; or you have other landscape renovations to make, U.S. Lawns can assist you.

If you’re overseeing the landscape of a commercial property located in the Tennessee counties of Sumner, Davidson, Montgomery, Cheatham, Robertson or Dickson as well as the Kentucky counties of Simpson, Logan, Todd or Christian, the landscape renovation professionals of U.S. Lawns Clarksville are ready to improve your landscape, so get in touch now.

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Seasonal Color U.S. Lawns Team 537 in Clarksville will keep your grounds popping with vibrant color in the form of flowers–in flowerbeds, flowerpots and outdoor planters regularly maintained and refreshed. We can also plant and care for blossoming ornamental trees, blooming shrubberies, native grasses and evergreens for a variety of shades and textures that will beautify your landscape and make a powerful impression season after season.

Mulch – Mulching is an essential landscape enhancement for aesthetic purposes as well as for optimum flora health. As a matter of fact, with the right application and maintenance, natural mulch provides nutrition as it decomposes, aids with moisture retention, regulates the temperature of the ground underneath it, prevents weed germination, and even assists with erosion control, and the landscape improvement experts of U.S. Lawns are here do the job properly, keeping your grounds tidy while looking out for the wellbeing of your plantings.

Permanent Ground Cover – U.S. Lawns Clarksville can install permanent ground cover, using materials such as rubber mulch, landscaping rocks like pea stone or decorative pebbles, cedar chips or another durable, easy to maintain medium that will look attractive and better withstand the conditions.

Drainage Solutions – If your landscape is experiencing drainage problems, just leave it to the landscape improvement pros of U.S. Lawns. We’ll unclog existing landscape drains and install new French, channel or surface drains if needed; build natural rain gardens and dry creek beds that will capture water runoff; change the topography of the land to redirect flowing water; and we will mix sand or organic matter into the soil to make it absorb water better. Tell us about your drainage challenges and we’ll find the right solution.

Hardscapes – Transform your grounds into a public outdoor space that will keep occupants happy and attract passersby. U.S. Lawns can build recreational areas complete with bench-lined walking paths, athletic courts and playgrounds; we can install patios with covered tables, planters filled with routinely freshened flowers, and a firepit or water feature; and we can add the shelter of a gazebo or pergola where people can relax and enjoy time out of doors no matter the weather. Share your goals with us and we’ll make the landscape improvements to help you achieve them.

U.S. Lawns is committed to helping every single one of our customers succeed, and we know all the ways the landscape can make a real contribution. This is why we specialize in everything it takes to keep it flourishing–from turf care, tree care and plant health services, to landscape enhancements, lawn sprinkler services, and even snow plowing and removal. We are the only commercial grounds care services provider you’ll ever need. Contact us today and discover how much easier your job will be with a landscaping partner like U.S. Lawns Team 537!



Philip Hagewood

[email protected]

Philip Hagewood owns and operates U.S. Lawns in Clarksville, TN. He is dedicated to providing quality service through open communication with customers, striving to make their customers’ jobs easier every day. He is passionate about ongoing employee training and efficiencies and enjoys providing opportunities for his employees to learn, succeed and grow within the U.S. Lawns family.


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Emily Posts
US Lawns of Clarksville has maintained the property where I live for several years. Service during past maintenance seasons has not been spectacular, but they have always been responsive when it comes to taking care of problems. This year they have done a great job maintaining my lawn, I truly have no complaints about the service I have received, and I am happy to continue working with them.

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