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Commercial Landscaping Services in Beaumont

The city of Beaumont, along with Port Arthur and Orange, is perhaps one of the most important places in Southeast Texas. Beaumont sits atop rich oil reserves that have attracted numerous energy companies to the area, giving both employment and electricity to millions of people in the region.

Beaumont has always had a tradition of leading the economic and industrial scenes. In the early 19th century, Beaumont was at the forefront of the port, lumber, and trade industries. During the late 1800s, rice farming became an important aspect of the city’s economy. This shift to rice cultivation allowed Beaumont to push the grain as a leading crop in Texas, and it is now grown in over 20 counties in the state.

In 1901, Pattillo Higgins and Anthony F. Lucas oversaw the exploration of the Spindletop oil field, turning Beaumont into an industrial powerhouse. The duo was responsible for expanding the population of the city, and providing thousands of people with new jobs. By the beginning of 1902, more than 50,000 people lived in Beaumont, with 500 energy companies operating more than 280 oil wells.

Beaumont has always enjoyed prosperity, and it celebrates its rich history as an economic pioneer with a beautiful skyline that uses various architectural styles from across time. Commercial establishments in the city are encouraged to maintain the prosperous aesthetic that marks the city. Our commercial landscaping service in Beaumont ensures that your lawn and grounds are vibrant and clean, contributing to the evident beauty of the cityscape.

Commercial Lawn Care and Maintenance in Beaumont and Port Arthur

As Beaumont’s partner in transforming Southeast Texas into a prosperous region, Port Arthur is host to a large sector of the United States’ oil refinement industry. The city is also the home of the country’s largest oil refinery, able to refine 600,000 barrels of oil per day.

With renewed investments from companies from around the world, Port Arthur aims to further expand its refining abilities. This drive towards expansion is predicted to provide more employment opportunities to residents of the area.

In line with the prospective growth of Port Arthur, commercial establishments in the city need to make their properties attractive to investors and residents alike. Our commercial lawn care and maintenance services in Beaumont and Port Arthur ensures that your lawn is kept clean, professional-looking, and enticing to future investors.

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U.S. Lawns works closely with local operators in order to provide our clients with highly specialized solutions for their unique issues. Our services, from landscape management to lawn and grounds care, are carried out by highly trained professionals who are skilled in ensuring that your commercial property always looks well-maintained.

Our commercial landscaping services extend to commercial clients in Jefferson County and the cities of Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Nederland.

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