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Commercial Landscape Enhancements in Round Rock, TX


Let our experienced Round Rock professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial landscaping needs.

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Serving Commercial Properties in ​Georgetown, Pflugerville, ​Hutto, Leander, ​Elgin, Taylor, ​Cedar Park, and the surrounding area.

Your Landscape Improvement & Enhancement Experts

The U.S. Lawns landscaping team in Round Rock are specialists in renovating commercial landscapes throughout the region encompassing the counties of Travis, Bastrop, Williamson, Blanco and Bell in Texas. We can literally change the topography of your terrain to make it safer and easier to traverse, correct any water problems, make your property lend beauty to the surrounding community and increase your property values.

Whether your goal is to attract patrons to a spa or salon in Pflugerville, keep residents comfortable and content in a Manor apartment complex or retirement community, draw tenants and customers to a business center or shopping mall in Cedar Park, keep every room occupied in an Elgin hotel, make the right impression at a Round Rock bank or municipal property, provide an appetizing environment for a restaurant in Florence, or maintain open sight lines at Coupland trucking or transport company, U.S. Lawns can renovate your landscape to better support your goals.

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Hardscapes – Tim Burgess and his U.S. Lawns Team 613 landscape improvement specialists can build cobblestone or flagstone patios and paver pathways with benches, vine-covered arbors, natural rock water features, and even a few strategically placed picnic tables to create a public outside space where people want to spend time. If you can dream it, we can make it a reality.

Seasonal Color – If you’re looking for an effective way to please eyes and lift spirits, let us create flower beds and floral borders that draw attention to important signs, entrances, and other focal points. We’ll then be there with fresh blooming plants for each new season. We can also plant and maintain blossoming shrubs and ornamental trees to mark property lines, provide pleasant, shaded places and make your grounds stand above the competition.

Mulch – Besides its aesthetic value, with the right application, wood mulch is also incredibly valuable for the actual health of your soil and plantings. It provides nutrition as it decomposes, offers solid erosion and weed control, regulates the temperature of the ground beneath it, and helps with more consistent hydration. Your U.S. Lawns landscape enhancement experts are your mulching experts too, so you can be confident we’ll keep your trees, shrubs and flower beds properly mulched year after year.

Permanent Ground Cover – Pea stone and other kinds of gravel, rubber mulch and cedar chips are all great options for locations on your property where the greenery refuses to take hold and thrive. U.S. Lawns Round Rock will come and inspect your property to make our recommendations and then we’ll install low-maintenance, durable ground covering that can stand up to heavy foot traffic, constant shade, high winds, or whatever other harsh conditions it needs to endure.

Drainage Solutions – Your U.S. Lawns professionals can solve any drainage issues your property is challenged with, through the use of natural rain gardens, surface drains, French drains and dry creek beds. We can also blend sand and organic materials into the soil to increase absorption capabilities and even change the lay of the land to reroute flowing water during heavy rains.

U.S. Lawns is committed to being your landscape management partner and your business friend, and we take this commitment very seriously. We’re here to keep your irrigation system operating at peak performance, ensure your grass is neatly trimmed and verdant, make sure your plants, trees and shrubberies remain healthy and beautiful, and perform any landscape renovations necessary to be certain your grounds are making their best contribution to your business endeavors. Get in touch with us today so we can start taking care of your landscape with as much care as we do our own!


Tim Burgess


Tim owns and operates the U.S. Lawns in Round Rock TX. He is a Navy Veteran and also owns an HVAC business in Georgetown, TX, but was drawn to U.S. Lawns to expand his horizons, and follow his entrepreneurial spirit and love for service industry. His background provides him with the professional skills needed to build strong management infrastructure around his business.

We serve businesses in the following zip codes:

​76511, 76527, 76530, 76537, 76574, 78606, 78615, 78621, 78626, 78628, 78633, 78634, 78642, 78653, 78664, 78665, 78681, 78717, 78728, 78752, 78753, 78754

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