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Commercial Landscape Enhancements In Houston West, TX


Let our experienced Houston West professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial landscaping needs.

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Commercial Landscape Enhancements In Houston West, TX

Serving Properties in West Houston, Sugar Land​, Katy, Cypress, Bellaire, and West Harris County


Your landscape can have a powerful influence over your business objectives–making an impact on how effectively you attract and retain high quality lease agreements; draw diners, shoppers, and patrons; provide an enjoyable outdoor reprieve where people will feel comfortable taking in some fresh air; and even affect the value of your real estate.

Fortunately, you have access to the qualified landscape enhancement specialists of U.S. Lawns of Houston West. Local owner-operator Paul Shouse and the team are here to help you get the most out of your commercial property, with a few strategic landscape renovations.

If you need to improve the grounds of a Rosharon self-storage facility, a medical clinic in Bellaire, a Stafford hotel, a nursing home in Alvin, a Friendswood bank, a business park in Houston, a Webster condominium complex, or any other commercial property in Brazoria County or Harris County Texas, get in touch with U.S. Lawns Team 325.

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Permanent Ground Cover – U.S. Lawns of Houston West can replace unhealthy turf areas with an attractive, durable ground covering material such as cedar chips, rubber mulch, decorative pebbles like pea stone gravel or river rocks, or another medium that will be easy to maintain and stand up to harsh conditions.

 Drainage Solutions – if you’re experiencing landscape drainage issues, U.S. Lawns of Houston West has the solution. We’ll clear debris from existing drains, as well as install French, channel or surface drains if needed. We can also mix organic matter or sand into the soil to make it more absorptive; build natural rain gardens or dry creek beds to capture water runoff; and we can even reroute flowing water by changing the land’s topography where necessary. Simply show us where drainage is a problem, and we’ll take care of it.

Seasonal Color – if your primary goal is to increase curb appeal, seasonal color is an effective landscape enhancement to accomplish this endeavor. U.S. Lawns Team 325 can build as well as maintain new plant beds and we’ll also keep existing flowerbeds regularly refreshed, deadheading perennials, and replacing annuals along with the seasons. We’ll tie it all together by planting ornamental trees and shrubs that bloom, along with evergreens and native grasses for that added touch of texture. You can rely on us to keep everything well-tended and beautiful.

 Mulch – a vital landscape enhancement, regular mulching offers numerous advantages beyond aesthetics. When applied and maintained correctly, natural mulch will aid with moisture retention, feed the soil during decomposition, prevent weeds from germinating, regulate the ground temperature to protect roots from extreme temperature changes, and mulch is also useful for erosion control. The best part? U.S. Lawns of Houston West can help you choose the best organic mulch for your property and then we’ll get it properly installed as well as keep it correctly maintained so you can appreciate the benefits without doing the labor.

 Hardscapes – if you’d like to turn your grounds into an outside getaway, just tell us what you’re aiming for. We’ll build pergolas, gazebos and patios made of flagstone pavers, bricks or cobblestones; add tables, chairs, and outside planters filled with colorful plantings; create a soothing water feature or firepit for people to gather around and enjoy time together; and we can also install playgrounds along with a basketball, volleyball or badminton court, and connect everything together with bench-lined walking paths. Tell us about the outdoor public space you want, and we’ll transform your landscape.

In addition to our landscape enhancement capabilities, we’re here to be your full-service landscape management partners, with three locations in the region–U.S. Lawns Houston of West, U.S. Lawns of Houston North, and U.S. Lawns of Montgomery County–so you can be confident that we’ve got your commercial landscape needs covered. We’ll handle all of the turf and tree care, as well as keep the plants flourishing, and we’re even experts in lawn sprinkler services. Contact us today so we can start improving your landscape, and help you meet your business goals while we’re doing it!


Paul Shouse

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Each U.S. Lawns office, no matter how big or small, is owned and operated by members of your community. Owners enjoy the support of a nationwide network, as well as a close relationship to their individual communities.

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