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Commercial Snow Removal Services in Arlington, VA


Let our experienced Arlington professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial snow removal needs.

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Commercial Snow Removal Services in Arlington, VA

Serving Properties in Arlington, Annandale, Tysons, Bailey's Crossroads, Falls Church, McLean, and the Surrounding Communities

Your Snow Plowing & Ice Management Experts

If you need snow removal and ice treatment services to keep your commercial property accessible through the winter, you need the expertise of Zach Bini and U.S. Lawns Team 652 in Arlington, VA.

As a local business, we have first-hand experience with Northern Virginia’s wintry weather. We know how disruptive snowstorms, freezing rain and accumulating ice can be to normal operations. And, since we’re on a mission to keep your grounds safe, attractive and available for drivers and pedestrians year-round, snowplowing, snow shoveling, and ice management are among our specialties.

Whether you’re responsible for securing snow removal and ice treatment services for an Oakton manufacturer, a business center or car dealership in Arlington, a McLean hotel, an assisted living facility or medical clinic in Annandale, a Dunn Loring convenience store, an apartment complex in Bailey’s Crossroads, or any commercial property in the region of Arlington and Fairfax counties, get in touch with U.S. Lawns.

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Winter Storm Response – The greatest advantage of having a winter weather services team like U.S. Lawns of Arlington is our responsiveness. Of course, we closely monitor the weather forecast; utilize the latest technology; remain current with our training, certifications and equipment; and you can expect us to arrive timely to remove any downed trees, broken branches or other debris left behind by the winter storm; but even more than all of this, we’re able to take immediate and responsive action because we start planning well ahead of the winter. This proactive approach is invaluable because it enables us to:

  • Make sure you’re on our schedule early, which makes your property a top priority when the snowstorm is on the horizon, and you won’t even have to pick up the phone and call, because you already know we’ll be there.
  • Have the staff, supplies and equipment in place to respond to every customer with the utmost of efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Familiarize ourselves with your property so we can:
    • Properly trim and prune shrubs and trees at the right time of year to ensure they’re best prepared to hold up under the heavy winds and added weight the wintry precipitation lays on them.
    • Make note of all softscape and hardscape elements that could be at risk of damage from snowplows once they’ve been concealed under deep snowfall.
    • Designate the best draining, out-of-the-way locations to pile snow until it has a chance to melt away.

Snowplowing & Snow Shoveling – When the snow starts to accumulate, you can continue your business with confidence in the knowledge that U.S. Lawns Arlington will be on your property snowplowing streets, driveways and parking areas and we’ll also shovel the snow from walkways and exteriors stairs too.

Ice Treatments – When icy conditions are imminent, rest easy with U.S. Lawns Team 652 on the job. We’ll pretreat paved surfaces to keep ice from accumulating, and when the ice does build up, we’ll apply ice melts to help minimize slip hazards. Some of the products we may use include:

  • Sand – To aid with improved traction.
  • Granular Ice Melts – Which come in granular or pellet form and are designed to penetrate deeply in order to melt thicker accumulations of frozen precipitation.
  • Liquid Deicers – Which are used as a pretreatment to prevent ice from forming and are also good for melting thin ice glazing from the pavement.

Now, if all of this isn’t enough reason to call us, you should know that our goal of 100% customer retention gives us an uncommon commitment to being your trusted all-season landscaping team. Adept with everything from the snowplowing and ice management to taking care of turf and trees, to irrigation system services, and landscape enhancements, you can rely on U.S. Lawns Arlington to manage every aspect of your commercial landscape. So, contact us today to find out more!


Zach Bini

[email protected]

Zach Bini, originally from Kentucky, is a U.S. Navy veteran. He was stationed in Newport News in 2002, after which he earned an associate degree in industrial electricity. He has eight years of experience working in construction, excavation, finishing concrete, and landscape, including about 2.5 years collectively as a field supervisor, mower/landscaping technician, and owner/operator of a residential lawn care service.

Zach, his wife Jeanette, and their four children (2 boys, 2 girls) previously lived in Springfield, VA for three years while Jeanette, a U.S. Army officer, served at the Pentagon. During that time, they both fell in love with the metropolitan D.C. area.

On a personal note, Zach is proud to say he has run the Army Ten-Miler in DC. He has also participated in events such as placing flags on the headstones of fallen soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery for Memorial Day. And for his family, he volunteered as an assistant coach for his daughter’s little league basketball team.


We serve businesses in the following zip codes:

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