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As you know, large scale property management has different challenges than overseeing a local office park or strip mall. But both types of properties can benefit from highly personalized solutions. In today’s economy, commercial real estate is becoming increasingly branded and standardized. Perhaps you work for a management company, a global broker, or a nationwide retail/restaurant chain. If so, it goes without saying that you need top quality national service providers to care for those properties.

But the best companies in the service industry know how to “act small,” even when servicing their largest clients. Regardless of your company’s size or how many facilities you manage, here are a few service propositions you should look for in selecting the right partners to meet your property needs.

• Dedicated contact person. National companies with exemplary service will typically assign property managers a single contact, or Account Manager, to handle their requests and act as a point of service escalation. You shouldn’t have to deal with a call center or multiple service reps when dealing with a problem. After all, your job is about getting things done quickly, without having to hire a lot of support staff. An account manager acts as an outsourced member of your team, working with the local provider to make sure jobs get done.

• Centralized accounting department. How many times have you called a service provider and been transferred several times—just because you wanted to speak to about your bill? Exceptional partners offer their clients a dedicated accounting team, with a direct line to call anytime. At U.S. Lawns, we also centralize your billing, so that even if we’re servicing multiple properties, you’ll get one, invoice formatted the way you need it for all the work.

• Onsite people who care. You might not immediately see the benefit of our crew leaders taking you through the property for a quality inspection, or a local U.S. Lawns franchisee showing up to ask how things are. But if anything ever goes wrong, you’ll be glad they’re here to help. Real, in-person service is one of the most overlooked aspects of doing business. No matter how big the corporation, only human beings can solve problems. Our team takes pride in being on-site at your properties with the best service in the industry, whenever you need us.

• Customization and Responsiveness. No two properties are like. Large or small, you shouldn’t get the “cookie cutter” treatment. You need a partner who will tailor a plan to your specific needs and budget. And one who consistently takes time to ask about your needs for the future. No one can predict when a problem will arise, but the best service providers act in a responsive manner, acting quickly and efficiently whenever they are needed. Because all U.S. Lawns grounds care teams are locally owned, we’re just a few miles away if an irrigation system breaks or an unexpected snow storm hits. Which means increased efficiency, decreased overhead, better safety, less liability—and a lot less stress for you.

At U.S. Lawns, we’ve built our reputation on the belief that personal service helps property managers succeed. To us, it’s just as important as being a national company with 270 locations in 44 states. If you’d like to talk to someone about your grounds care who also understands customer service, contact us today.

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