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The prospect of breaking into the larger commercial landscaping market can seem daunting. But often, it can mean the difference between life and death for a small business. The same can be said of unanticipated growth – too much too fast can cripple an entire operation. So, the question remains: how can I safely break into a commercial market?

Create a client Portfolio. You want to expand your business, so you want to aim high. Your business should provide a solid base, from which you can grow. Commercial entities trust an operation with a plan and a track record of success, so the more clients you have, the more clients you’ll get. At U.S. Lawns, we take landscapers and help them begin building that portfolio right away. A new owner could begin working with Fortune 500 clients from day one.

Advertise your business. Many small businesses skimp when it comes to marketing, then wonder why they’re not growing any faster. Advertising needs to reach a grand scale, stretching your business reputation to new frontiers. Many of our franchisees come to U.S. Lawns for the robust sales and marketing tools, as well as the brand recognition of a national company. Just ask Forbes, Entrepreneur and Success magazines, all of which have ranked U.S. Lawns among the top grounds care franchises in the nation.

Have the right equipment. In order to function on a larger scale, a company needs to have the highest quality materials. This can be challenging for small businesses who may struggle to absorb the cost of overhead. Fortunately, U.S. Lawns offers alliances with major manufacturers, to give you the purchasing power of a large company. Enjoy discounts on everything from mowers to plant materials to insurance.

Keep up. The commercial market is higher volume than the residential business; making that leap requires administrative efficiency in running your operation. Believe it or not, this is where most landscaping businesses fail to grow. You need a system in place to deal with the increased workload and personnel, allowing you more time to do the aspect of the business that you love. This is probably the top reason franchisees join the U.S. Lawns network. Our systems and processes give you a blueprint for navigating business growth. We offer training, leading edge software, sales strategies, personal advising and more.

It’s easy to look down this list and see what makes a small, landscaping business good, but with time-proven business models, a commitment to support and efficiency, U.S. Lawns can make your small, landscaping business great.

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