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Thanks for tuning into Ken’s message on Friday. We hope it addressed any questions or concerns you may have about our service revolution. As Ken reminded us, our focus will remain on building strong franchisees, and ensuring an economically sound transition for each of you.

As our President, Ken’s job is to inspire the troops.  But every idea has two parts: innovation and execution. Innovation is the big picture; but execution means getting it done. The service revolution is no exception. This article is about how to get the service revolution done—every day, with every customer, in every U.S. Lawns location.

Radical Personalization

You’ve been hearing the term “radical personalization” since the Conference. In Ken’s video, he gave it a definition: making every single customer interaction personal.

Imagine for a moment how your business looks to a customer. Break it down, and think of each instance when the customer comes into contact with you, your employees, your services, or even your brand. This could include everything from a proposal delivery, to a job site interaction, to the invoicing process, to seeing you at a local property managers’ association event.

Each of these moments is called a “touch point.” And to execute a service revolution, it’s important to talk very literally about what must change at each touch point. No doubt, you already know which touch points are positive for your customers, and which could use improvement.

Point By Point

For the next few months, we’re going to use this blog to address specific touch points in your business. We’ll talk about ways to make each aspect better. And we’ll discuss how those improvements can really pay off.

Plus, for every touch point we address, we’ll also talk about how Home Office is gearing up to help you achieve your goals. There’s a whole menu of new products and resources coming in 2015, designed specifically to help you create radical personalization. We won’t ask anything of you without showing exactly how we plan to help.

Time for a Revolution

Are you ready? We’ve got some solid tips on how to make your service better. Just like Ken said, you are the Spartan Army, mighty not in numbers but in purpose. And we are behind you all the way. Let’s win this market.

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