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We’re #1 in the nation. More locations than any of our competitors. Ranked among the Top 10 landscapers and snow/ice contractors in the industry. And when it comes to service, absolutely nobody beats the locally owned, personal touch of a U.S. Lawns franchise.

Every member of our network is proud to be part of the team. And naturally, we tend to view quality as the ultimate expression of pride in our workmanship. U.S. Lawns crews are known for precision, discipline, and professionalism. But how does that fit with our 2014 initiative to provide 100% Customer Satisfaction? Are quality and customer service always the same thing?

First of all, quality counts. Period. Words like “precision” and “discipline” are part of our BrandDNA. As a franchise, we make a promise to our customers across the nation, in over 260 locations and 42 states, that they’ll receive the same level of excellence from every U.S. Lawns territory. That kind of consistency can only happen when we deliver top-notch grounds care, time and again without fail.

But quality isn’t always the customer’s first priority, even though it might be ours. So it’s important to note that, while we should continue to provide the same excellence on the job, 100% Customer Satisfaction means something a little different.

When we talk about Customer Satisfaction, we’re talking about an experience. Not necessarily a product, or the way something looks, but a relationship—the way a customer feels. And again, while we absolutely do not want to lose our attention to quality, the best companies realize that it’s not the strongest driver of business. Your client may not notice how neatly their property has been edged, or how healthy and beautiful their lawn looks. In fact, the more properties they manage, the less time they have to keep track of the details. But you can guarantee they’ll notice the overall experience of working with U.S. Lawns. And that’s what we mean by Customer Satisfaction.

A 100% Customer Satisfaction experience looks like this:

• The client sees you as a trusted business partner.

• If issues arise, the client feels confident calling you to resolve them immediately.

• There is an open line of communication about what the client wants and needs.

• All the client’s wants and needs are addressed in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Note that none of this has to do with the quality of a job site. It has to do with how satisfied a client feels on any given day that you are looking out for his or her best interests. For some clients, job site quality is their primary interest. But even so, we promise that won’t be the reason they renew your contract year after year. Business is about people, and growing a business means building relationships. Your customers are no exception—they want personal service, experts they can trust, and business partners they can count on to meet their needs.

So, remember. Quality is part of our DNA, and it’s not going away anytime soon. But in 2014, we’re turning our focus to relationships, and making the U.S. Lawns experience—the Customer Connection—the most important item on our checklist.

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