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Ignorance is pain.

Although it is human nature to want to adopt the concept that, “ignorance is bliss,” in fact, ignorance is pain when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Yes, the truth can sometimes hurt. Especially when it comes to the way people view you and your business, which, as every small business owner can tell you, are really one in the same. Your business is you, and that’s a scary proposition that can lead you to lie to yourself because:

1. You’re afraid to find out what your customers are really thinking, and
2. You’re concerned that a customer satisfaction survey will serve as a catalyst to drive some negative action by your customer.

Now really, what you’re doing by burying your head in the sand is setting yourself up for more damage than the truth could ever create. Ignorance is not bliss, it’s future pain. It’s future loss. And when it comes to knowing what your customers truly think of you, it could be the difference between you retaining that customer or being fired, and that’s powerful.

Knowledge gives you more control.

At U.S. Lawns, we recognize that knowledge gives you more control. One of the tools we provide our local commercial landscape management owner-operators to gain valuable insights and improve overall customer experience, is our customer satisfaction survey process.

It improves communication, by opening another channel. Understand, there is more to customer satisfaction than work quality, and good communication is critical here. So again, the customer satisfaction survey offers another communication channel, and it typically provides unfiltered feedback. Customers are more likely to say things on a survey they wouldn’t be comfortable sharing with you in person or over the phone.

It identifies problems. U.S. Lawns believes in a culture of “no surprises” and utilizing any tool that can help identify and eliminate surprises places you in a position to create value for the customer. Let’s say the customer is sharing negative feedback with you. You now have the chance to bring resolution to that pain point, therefore creating and delivering value to that customer. In turn, you’re strengthening the customer relationship, which often leads to the chance to generate enhancement sales.

So, you’re communicating, you’re opening another channel of communication, and you’re generating real, straightforward, unfiltered feedback, which enables you to have an open dialogue with your customers and demonstrate your value. This all creates better opportunity for your business.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys create more revenue opportunity.

Many people don’t realize that the customer satisfaction survey process is really a tool to generate more revenue in your business. Strengthening customer relationships creates referral opportunities, so it doesn’t just end with that particular relationship but can be a lead into many, many more relationships.

Ultimately, all of this supports the U.S. Lawns brand vision of 100% Client Retention. By retaining 100% of your customers you’re creating incredible opportunity for growth with each relationship. More than just the profit produced from that single relationship on that single property, it continues producing over two, three, five, ten years, infinity on. Then there are the referrals and new opportunities that customer connects you to. When you really start quantifying all of this, you’ll be blown away by the true value a single customer can mean for your business over the long haul.

Be brave. Seek the truth. Keep your customers satisfied.

So be brave, seek the truth. It may be painful, but in the end, it will hurt far less than losing customers when you only needed a few simple answers to keep them satisfied.

That’s part of our DNA and our Mission & Vision.

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