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“I was recently the victim of the recent tornados that swept through Arkansas. Actually, victim is the word everyone else is using; I don’t feel like a victim. I feel very fortunate.”

So begin the remarkable words in which Billy Stain, U.S. Lawns franchise owner in Little Rock and The Ozarks, tells his story. About a month ago, Billy and his wife lost numerous possessions and sustained $150,000 in damages to their Arkansas home. But to hear Billy tell it, all that mattered was the support he received.

“It’s hard to have a very large ego when such graciousness is all around. There was a charity baseball game to help raise money for the communities affected.” When strangers found out Billy and his family lived in the neighborhood most badly damaged, they reached out to see how they, personally, could help.

Of course, the offers of help that mattered most to Billy came from his fellow U.S. Lawns franchisees. “There really wasn’t much to do,” Billy admits. “We were fortunate to have good insurance, and that no one was hurt. We lost some of our possessions, but we didn’t lose any of the memories of our lives and the children.”

Nevertheless, the outpouring of support from other U.S. Lawns franchise owners meant the world to Billy.

“The camaraderie among franchisees is the best part of this organization. I’m so thankful for everyone checking on me and making sure my needs were met. I believe if you’re at all running your life and business correctly, that should be the way.”

Billy’s dedication to his community and the Power of the Network has made him a rising star since he joined U.S. Lawns in 2005. His Little Rock territory has become extremely successful, and in early 2013 he purchased a second location in Springfield, Mo. Although he humbly credits his success to his staff and a supportive network, Billy’s principles directly align with the U.S. Lawns brand.

“Calling when you know something has happened in their lives, good or bad, finding out the needs of the potential customer before writing a proposal, and just plain caring about the person across the table should be a staple.”

When asked what he’s learned the most from being part of the U.S. Lawns family, Billy’s reply resonates with all aspects of our business:

“Take care of the needs of others, and they’ll take care of yours.”

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