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Did you know that, as a franchise owner, you’re statistically more likely to succeed than the average small business owner? As comforting as that is, there’s no denying that some franchisees perform better than others. So, what sets those truly successful franchisees apart? Over the 25+ years our company has spent leading commercial grounds care franchises, we’ve discovered a handful of traits common to our top performing franchisees.

1. Systems and Processes

One great thing about franchising is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Systems and processes for running your business have already been outlined for you, and operational tools are readily available. Unlike entrepreneurs, who often succeed by acting “outside the box,” the best franchisees are those who value systems and processes and use them to their full potential. At U.S. Lawns, we know firsthand that systems and process are specifically designed for the success of your franchise. Use them, and you’ll do well.

2. Mitigating the Risks

Most of our franchisees are not major risk takers. Buying a franchise is a way to avoid the high risks inherent in startups. The fact is, franchising isn’t meant to be a high risk enterprise, and if you’re a daredevil with your business, you probably won’t get very far. The best franchisees have good business acumen and also rely heavily on the training and life experience they’ve received. If you use common sense when growing your business, you’re much more likely to achieve financial success. Slow and steady wins the race.

3. Teamwork

Franchising provides a unique experience. You get to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Franchisors are required to provide extensive support for their franchisees, and we at U.S. Lawns take that mandate seriously. Not only does our Home Office get behind our franchisees 100%, we also have a nationwide network of 270+ owners that team up to help one another. There’s a real sense of being part of a team, for those who choose to take advantage of it. So, get to know your fellow franchisees; participate in events like the annual conference and group meetings. You’ll find a valuable resource in one another that’s sure to give you a competitive edge.

4. A Service Mentality

This is important for any business, but especially franchising. A customer goes to a franchise for consistency, and that means consistent service. At U.S. Lawns, we have a vision of 100% Client Retention. It’s not acceptable to lose contracts due to poor service. As a result, it’s our goal that every single franchise owner provides the same exceptional level of customer satisfaction, 100% of the time. One of our taglines is “Improve your community; improve your life.” In other words, if you set out to serve your clients and the community around you, you’ll find personal success as well.

At U.S. Lawns, we are dedicated to your success as a franchisee. We don’t even require prior landscaping experience, because our training is so extensive. In addition to some of the best industry and business education, we offer each owner his or her very own Regional Franchise Advisor, which is sort of like a business coach or mentor. It’s not surprising that we’ve been ranked as a top U.S. franchises by publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur. Our franchisees typically run extremely successful businesses and maintain successful lifestyles. And we’re always looking for the right candidates to join them. If you think you might be a fit, contact us today.

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