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We are the American Spirit.

This year, we held our Annual Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia because it represents that intrinsic American spirit which is at the core of U.S. Lawns’ genetic makeup.

Our life stories share some great parallels with our country’s founding fathers. They recognized that strength comes from unity. They also understood that the only way to truly stand united is by respecting each another’s differences and sharing a common goal.

Thanks to their courage to make tough decisions and take bold actions, we have the freedom to live the American Dream in this, the most powerful nation in the world. That is incredibly inspiring. But what inspires me more deeply, is being right in the middle of this U.S. Lawns community.

The people who make up our nationwide Network each take a lead role in making America the greatest nation of the face of this earth. We’re the giants that carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Working without a safety net; all in; creating jobs; paying taxes; helping out our neighbors.

We are producers.

But we’re fortunate. We’re all part of the U.S. Lawns team, the family, the army.

Our spirit is deeply embedded in our DNA, in alignment with the spirit of our founding fathers–the spirit of America. Like this great country we live in, U.S. Lawns was built on a solid foundation: a diverse group of people with different motives but bound together by a common cause. We’re changing lives for the better; rocking the world in our communities. This is the spirit of U.S. Lawns every day.

We are fortunate.

Our story and our culture are like nothing else in the industry. It’s what enables us to provide our customers with something nobody else can: the radical connectivity of a national network and the radical personalization of local service.

National Strength. Local Commitment.

This sets us apart from our biggest competitors, who continue to grow bigger–and more impersonal. We dominate the market, by leveraging our personal service, following our mission, and remaining true to our vision. Our goal is to be the #1 grounds care company in the nation.

Improving Communities, Improving Lives.
100% Customer Retention.
100% Franchisee Satisfaction.

To be very clear, our go-to-market strategy is centered on people.

It’s about a Home Office team of passionate professionals supporting a network of dedicated owners and their employees. It’s serving customers that place value on relationships with people. It’s having respect for the gardeners and crew leaders who get the work done. We’re fortunate to be part of U.S. Lawns. As a brand, we’ve built a foundation that is second to none in the industry.

What does that foundation look like?

• We’ve moved up to #5 on the list of largest companies in the landscape industry.
• Today, we’re the second largest grounds care provider in the nation.
• Our geographic footprint covers 251 territories in 41 states, giving us the broadest coverage of any service provider in the industry.
• Our newest owner, Aldrick Estrada, U.S. Lawns of San Jose just joined the U.S. Lawns Network this spring; the owner with the most tenure, Todd Moerchen, U.S. Lawns of Clearwater, has been in the system for 28 years.
• Our collective experience, knowledge, resources, systems and tools are second to none.
• The cornerstone of this foundation is our people: The Home Office team, our owners, managers and employees, our partners and customers.

That’s a solid foundation. And we are producing. By all accounts, we’re recognized as an industry leader. We are doing things others find difficult and we’re better for it. Still, we can always stand to improve and we all want to, because only through growth can we create better opportunities for ourselves, our employees and our customers.

We have power when we work as one.

That’s why U.S. Lawns’ Home Office is continuously adding new tools and initiatives for franchise owner-operators. Tools that strengthen our ability to work as a united front, and show employees, partners and customers how much we care.

So, we’ll keep doing what we’re doing well, and we’ll also replace a few old habits with new ones that will change the future. We won’t be shy or weak about it, either.

We are U.S. Lawns Tough.

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