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If you read Ken Hutcheson’s message for the New Year, you’ll remember it’s all about consistency.

But wait, you may be saying. That sounds … well, inconsistent.

After all, wasn’t 2015 a year full of major changes for our brand? And didn’t we completely remake our image in 2013 and 2014?

Yes, you’re absolutely right.

But let’s remember Ken’s earlier words, from the 2014 Annual Conference. Rebranding isn’t change; it’s reminding the world who we are. In other words, it’s about authenticity, genuineness, and … consistency.

It’s true that we’ve just weathered significant changes. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of business. You can’t control everything that happens in the marketplace. But, if you strive for a consistent, genuine brand, you can control more than you think.

In times of change, it’s all the more important to be consistent.

Maybe Ken didn’t say this outright until recently. But he’s been hinting at it for several months. At the 2015 Conference in Dallas-Fort Worth, he revealed that his formula for franchise success was a balance between inspiration, operations and finance. That balance requires consistency in each of the three areas. It demands focus, dedication, and staying on track.

In 2016, we must all focus on running a consistent, balanced business. That means showing up, delivering impeccable quality, and staying true to our brand and our people—over and over again. If U.S. Lawns can do that, we’ll lay the groundwork for a customer experience that sets us apart from the competition.

As Ken asked in his last keynote speech: “Are you keeping your promises?” As long as we stay consistent and true to our DNA, the answer will always be yes.

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